If Islam is such a terrible religion why are people in the western world converting to it with free will?

Keith Ellison, Muhammad Ali, Dave Chappele, Michael Jackson, Cat Stevens are the most well known western converts I know of.......

People say how terrible the religion is...my question to you ignorant nuts are....if its so "Evident" islam is terrible how come people after studying it decide to join it? No one pointed a gun to their heads....how come people who wish to live lives of peace convert to Islam ?


Don't say "they're stupid..because most of them studied the religion first"

Update 2:

Louis L-HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH man even Osama Bin Laden would go "he crazy!"

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The people I call Ignorant Nuts are already enemies...look at Louis L's answer

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skylolo0 Idi Amin is not a convert his father converted though

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    There is no truly "terrible religion", maybe some annoying ones but nothing terrible. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all connected in the root beliefs and compassion for the fellow man. However any and all religion is corruptible by an individual willing to twist and exploit his/her power over the blind followers who choose to have another tell them what to think or believe without learning about it themselves. Religion is something to be studied and learned. To be closer to anything you pray to you must learn from the books of your chosen religion, listen to the scholars, but also understand individually what it is to be a member of the religious and not an ignorant member of the sheep that pay lip service and blindly follow thinking that they are doing right. As for the individuals that you cited, I can point out two that did it more for a political statement against the establishment more than awaking.

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    It is not that "Islam" is a terrible religion.

    It is the simple brutal fact that the Middle East is filled with fanatics who believe that this is the 'Path to Salvation'. Mindless drones who do not (or cannot) read or think for themselves. They are raised believing they are to follow without question the faith of their fathers. Yes, Fathers..... women are without some of the most basic of rights here and it has nothing to do with Islam. Men will say the coverings are from the Qu'ran because they are stupid, lazy, arrogant, greedy and just like being in control. Their is actually nothing in the Qu'ran saying women should be covered, that is a tribal distinction period.....

    They believe with a child-like stupidity that if they listen to a cleric that espouses this religion they will go to a better place.

    Both the Christians and the Muslims alike each blame the other for everything and fail to see that it is the imperfections of Humankind that is responsible for the killing continuing.

    I am neither disgusted by the Bible, or the Qu'ran,.

    What turns my stomach are the morons who use these books as an excuse to think they are the only ones deserving of anything good happening to them.

    The 'conversion' of all around them to their chosen faith is somehow a task set forth before them. Such conversions are without rules or regulations.... they both feel that 'the end justifies the means'. So they freely do anything and everything at hand in their blind quest to satisfy this burning desire.

    Source(s): Christian abortion clinic bombers Islamic fundamentalist IED bombers They both kill innocents in the name of their 'Deity' and feel that they are Gods hand on Earth. There are far more of the second than the first, but we see that both faiths spawn the same uneducated, violent, single-minded maniac. They are murderers, pure and simple, and they All deserve only one thing as fast as we can give it to them, One well placed shot right between the eyes. Actually, I'm feeling generous today..... A three round burst, center mass, and for dessert a swift kick in the teeth for good measure. P.S. I am glad that Michael Jackson chose Islam.... it proves that pedophiles are people too huh? Sick, twisted, untrustworthy, disgusting, people deserving of at least that very same 'swift kick'.
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    Oh come off it! That may have been true years ago but it was reversed well and truly by the way muslim slaughters muslim! The extreme sectarian violence has been brought about by Al-Qaeda Which while being exclusively Sunni deliberately set Shi’ites and Sunnis to kill each other in Iraq. Sadly more muslims die by muslim hands each month than were killed by the invading forces in the war!! Hamas also kills far more muslims than the Israelis ever have!! An average of over thirty five muslims a week were being killed by muslims! But for the last year and a half it has been a hundred or more muslims slaughtered by their brothers! Islam must surely be the fastest shrinking religion in the world at the moment if only for the death rate!

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    If Scientology is the obvious cult and pure bull c-r-a-p that most people say it is then why are people in the western world converting to it with free will?

    Leah Remini who by the way I love watching on the very funny show "King of Queens", Tom Cruise, Beck, Doug E Fresh, Chaka Khan, and Lisa Marie Presley are just a few of the well known western converts I know of.....

    My question for you "you ignorant muslim" is, do you really think that your "Name Dropping" was anything other than a pathetic attempted at persuasion via association.

    Just because Islam has done a great job at mostly showing it's beautiful face to the world while hiding the hideous one, doesn't mean the hideous one does not exist. Till this day it is obvious that many of it's followers are not aware of this other face, and that is by design!!!

    I would say that according to the teachings of Islam it would be fair to say that any Muslim extremist to moderate would love to see the whole world convert to Islam.

    Can you name for us ANY country whose population primarily follows the teachings of Islam and which said country is prosperous other than from selling oil. Or that they are not involved in some major conflict? ok right it is all someone else fault it's all a conspiracy against mulims. Get over it dude.

    Also how many modern day "superstars" have come from Islam? Do you think Cat Stevens is a better musician because of Islam? All you have is people with enormous power at their hands who searched for some guidance. Some turned to Scientology while others turned to different cults, Islam.

    I would advise you to keep your trap shut unless your goal is to help more Muslims to convert to different ideologies that are more associated with intelligence and creativity.

    Out of 1.4 billion followers, the Muslim community has won a measley 9 Nobel Prizes. Why so little? Do you have to be dumb to join this club?

    Do your own web search on the terms: islamic nobel prize

    I am sure that you are creative enough to come up with another conspiracy theory to explain away those FACTS!

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    The truth is that Islam is an authentic religion. In many variations of Christianity, its difficult to find what is really authentic. Truth is that Islam is more dogmatic than Christianity.

    Truth is that Islam is easier to practice than Christianity, because simple and straight-forward rules.

    But after all, both religions speak about the same God. I don't feel bad because someone chooses some religion. And I would never speak about others faith. Maybe you will be at sometime disappointed by some of the converts. Save your faith, don't make enemies by calling them ignorant nuts.

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    Let me tell you people:

    Islam provides you with the freedom to choose the your religion. Islam doesn't force you to accept Islam. You can live your life with peace without accepting Islam in an Islamic country. The proof is many Muslim countries with non-Muslim population living peacefully. There some political agents who want this image to be upside down.

    And for those who think that Muslims don't have any reference other than Quran; Bible as well as Torah foretells about Holy Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H). Even Hindu Scriptures have the name of Holy Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H).

    Take a look at my post at the source page

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    It's never been determined that Islam is a terrible religion, although they are certain groups and individuals in the world who justify their actions through their faith, this gives a negative impression to people who really don't have any understanding of Islam.Is there no muslims converting to christianity?

  • Shouldn't people be allowed to choose what ever religion they want?? Michael Jackson did not convert to Islam by the way!

    ♥♥We Love You Michael!!!!♥♥

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    What is evident is that people despise Islam because of the ignorant and arrogant Muslim nuts like yourself. Islam is the religion of intolerance and deceit.

    Ask the people in Darfur that are being murdered and driven out by Muslims by the thousands if anyone has pointed a gun to their heads.

    Yeah if you have to threaten people with death or dismemberment to keep them in line as in Mogodisu and hundreds of other places its a very weak grip on people's hearts and minds indeed. And many convert because of fear not love.

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    GOOD ONE...

    Because those people study "TRUE" Islam and get to know it provides amazing logical answers to all harsh questions about life.. others know Islam through media which most of the time follows the political agenda .... and you know the rest .

    But not only the people you mentioned converted , visit the site below and find out why CHRISTIAN PRIESTS also convert...

    Happy Al Adha Eid..

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