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does age really really really really matter ?!?!?!?

since i start thinking about my future and get into serious relationship the age thing means a lot to me..thats y i dont date girls who are older or the same age as me even if i was inlove with them... till i met this girl who is two months younger than me

i have a big crush on her. she dont know that tho..but the age thing is really bothers me

because think about it this way im 20 shes 20 when we'r 50

ill look better than her ,. ill be into sex more than her and she wont be able to give that right ?? everyone knows that woman faster than men !! i saw alots of 60 years old couple.. the guy looks like her son ...!!!!!!!!

plus. shes 20 now which i know girls useually get married at (23 to 25) and i dont wanna get married till 26 or 27....

and i dont go with " as long as we love each other" because LOVE can BE GONE !!!!!

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    Age shouldnt matter because like they say "age aint nothin' but a number." I am 34, my bf is 30 and we've never thought this was an issue...ever.

    It's all about how you respond to each other and how you both feel about the age difference. You cannot guarantee that you will look better than her at 50 because there are great looking 50 year old women - (my Mum is a year older than my Dad but she looks way younger right now at 60!) Neither can you be certain she wants to get married at 23! Statistics show more women are getting married at 30 and above now.

    All that said, if this is such a big issue for you, you need to be upfront about it with this girl so no-one gets hurt at the end of the day.


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    it matters a bit ... but having said that i have read stuff on here that is obviously from someone young and they make good points ... and i would listen to them ... the other side is the younger kids (11 to 20 somethings) who have very black and white thinking and that is the mentality of a child, not an adult, so i just smile and skim over their answers ... like the ones that rant about what they feel is RIGHT and never really answer the question, they are more interested in people knowing they have politically correct popular viewpoints, to fit in i guess ... i remember being 20 something and thinking there was only one right way for things to be in my mind at that age ... the older you get, with more life experience and the less politically correct becomes a focus and reality is more of a focus ... but there are people born with good animal karma and that can be evident from little kids to senior citizens ... i don't think i can say how knowledgeable a person should be to own a dog because some people without a clue, get a dog and get it right away ... others take some time to learn ... and others are idiots who will have dogs despite their IQ ... there is no control over that and there never will be ... anyone can own a dog, knowledge has nothing to do with it ...

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    Oh, young one. You are very misled and on the wrong track. It's all about how you treat each other and what's inside. Let me tell you, that 20 year old who is 2 months younger than you can look 10 years younger than you at 50. You just never know. And if you love her, it just won't matter. No one says you have to get married at 26 or 27, or that anyone would WANT to marry you if you have the outlook you do now. My opinion is you have a lot of soul searching and growing up to do before thinking about inviting someone into your life. This is not at all meant to be a slam, it's just a concerned observation.

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    I can only gather because you are still only 20, this might account for this rather odd and childish attitude. Sorry to be blunt here, but you seriously need a reality check and I can only hope that some trials in life will sort you out and start building some character within you, or you are going to end up a very sad ageing man.

    I can almost picture you now (future) as one of those middle aged men, who drive a sport's car, wearing an open shirt and a medallion (possibly even a chest wig), cruising the streets attempting desperately to convince any young woman that looks his way that he's "up for it".

    Trust me, keep that attitude, because the only women you will ever get are the ones you are after (shallow and only interested in sex). Stay with that, as I fear that anybody more worthy will be very disappointed and hurt by you. Stick with the much younger girls with not much between their ears and when they get a little too old, trade her in for a younger model and keep going till you're about 70 years old and you're in a nursing home trying to make a pass at a caregiver and wondering why you see old couples walking around hand in hand and still very much in love, whilst your still trying to fit in one of the very last lays of your life.

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    Hello =)

    Well, personally, I think you have it all stuffed up...

    Right now, you're at your sexual peak...

    I know it's hard to believe, because you can cut glass with your erection, but after 45, you won't be nearly as interested in sex as you are now, but she will. Women's Libido's peak at around 40.

    She may not look as attractive to you, but she's gonna want sex a whole lot more often than you will at age 45, trust me. And no....we don't look better at 50 than they do....LOL What a load of horse-manure.....

    If you found yourself an attractive 40 - yr old now, she'd wear you out...... When you're older, you will probably find younger women more attractive, like most men -- and that's fine.

    But....and this is a big but....

    Basing your entire future, happiness, and the foundations of all future relationships upon sex is nonsense.....

    One day, when your world goes to hell, you'll come home and want a woman who can give you something besides sex, believe me.......

    Namaste, and Happy Holidays,


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    my hubby to be is 8 years older than i, we love each other yes, but we also respect each other. love may go away in time, but if you really true love her, it will never go away. the age issue you have, you need to get over it, you could miss out on the one true love, all because your afraid of this age, and you dont know if your going to be younger then her in your 50's. alot of women still have great sex , infact the older we get, i think the better it is! dont be hard on yourself, or the women you meet because of their age, just go with the flow and be happy that you have a woman to love you back.

    Source(s): you really have an issue about this age thing, you really need to go see someone about it,im not being rude, but your missing out on life.. dont worry..fall in love with some one your own age you will be surprised, you both will grow together, thats the fun of love doing and expeirence things together! good luck
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    you think too much.. why dont you relax and let time decide for yourself.. as i see it, you are afraid of alot of things.. i can honestly say that you are dont really experience true love.. but i cant blame you, you're still young and should not be thinking about it.. what you should do is to enjoy your life, date if you want, have someone to be your inspiration, go out with your friends, etc, etc,.. and when you reach a certain age and you have feel what love really is, you will not be afraid anymore about this stuff that you have mention.. cos i definitely believe that love will conquer all of your fears..

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    this is a good question, when I was 17, my girlfriend was 21 :) I was a lucky guy, after a while I had a 25 y.o. girlfriend, so she was like.... 7-8 older than me, but now, my girlfriend is about.... 5 years younger than me, you don`t have to get married, just hang out with her, and yes, love can be gone, and don`t get married until 30-35 years, you must live your life as long as you can, after you get a family...... it`s harder :)

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    This is tough - dunp her and wait till you are 27 or 28 and then get an 18 year old and marry as then you have what you want.

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    Age means nothing but numbers. If you're so fuzzy about it then get yourself your dream girlfriend; one that matches to your desired age. I think you're thinking too much. Besides, in today's independent world, chances for marriages to work is 20/80, 20% successes and 80% failures.

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