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Why is my cat spraying on blankets?

Lately, my cat has been peeing on blankets, even if someone is using it!!! I am thinking he may be rebelling because I haven't been home as much. I went away to school and stay at my boyfriend's house oftne. He usually just sleeps with my mom or downstairs but the past few months he has been peeing. He literally just makes himself comfortable, squats and pees. He has been fixed for over 5 years and has been in the same house all his life. Any solutions as to why he would pee on blankets that are ON people?! I really need help with this one or my mom is going to get rid of him.

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    1 decade ago
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    Out was doing this too and when we took him to the vet we learned that when cats just suddenly begin peeing anywhere besides the litter box it means they almost always have a bladder infectio There are many causes, but the biggest one is the dry food diet because cats cannot get enough moisture from dry food and in general not big water drinkers. Dry food is good for the teeth, but not really good for the kidneys and bladder because they need more water to stay hydrated which canned foods give so now we feed him dry food in the morning and canned at night to make sure he always gets plenty of moisture.

    When a vet examines the cat they take a urine sample and test it for bacteria to be sure it's an infection. Then they prescribe an antibiotic that you give to the cat for about 2 weeks and the infection should clear up. Some cats feel better in about 3 days, but your cat doesn't call the vet and they will have to prescribe a stronger antibiotic like Baytril (what are cat took) and after another 2 days (5 days total) our cat was back to normal. Please tell your mother about this so you can call the vet to make an appointment right away.

    Source(s): My cat and vet
  • 1 decade ago

    My cat did the same (only temporarily) while she had to stay inside for 2 weeks when recovering from an injury. The vet said it could be because she is nervous/frustrated from not being able to be outside. Is your cat an outdoors cat? And has it been kept inside more often? That may be a part of it if so.

    I would definitely go the vet for a bladder check... I've heard a vet on the radio recommend this.

    Also, the same radio vet suggested putting out extra litter trays.

    And apparently there is some kind of spray which can help if all else fails... ask your vet - I can't recall what it was.

    Good luck & I hope you get to keep him!

  • 1 decade ago

    This has happened to me before my cat was always licking there and peeing every where mostly on blankets... So after a week he did not look to good so I took him to the vet and the vet said he has crystals in his stomach I dont know what really causes first he gave me powder and then that did not work so he had to go for a operation to clean up there and he is perfectly fine now so maby you should take your cat to the vet cause he may have the same problem as my cat and trust me it is worth it if you really care about your cat...

    Merry Christmas and hope my info helped you...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think he has a bladder infection.

    If he is old, he may be senile. Cats get confused as they age just like people.

    They also have strokes and other brain problems.

    See a vet to be sure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try cleaning the litter box for Christs sake. Would you stand in your own Crap while trying to pee????

  • 1 decade ago

    maybe your cat is already mature, when it does, it will mark their territory, to avoid that so your cats dont spray , put something that cats hate.

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