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Can terrorism be defeated by warfare???

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    Is there any other way to combat violence? If you turn the other cheek terrorist strike it, you only two so what can you do?

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    No. Warfare will simply aggravate terrorism. Leaders in the west are becoming more foolish thinking that warfare will bring an end to terrorism. If you fight, you'll keep fighting forever. No one will win. Now there is such a big violence in Afghanistan and Iraq. Someone must be thinking of avenging the killings of innocent people in those countries. Warfare only introduces hostility and revenge. Leaders must find better ways to tackle the problems. It's a very difficult task to create harmony. It can take next 50 years to have a better world or am I just imagining. I am optimistic that things will get better cause nobody likes to fight and people will eventually learn some lessons.

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    Terrorism is not an ideology. Terrorism is a tactic being used by an organized group to capture wealth and power. This is an age old struggle that has gone on since the dawn of time.

    Terrorism is warfare. Your question should be, can the U.S. armed forces be defeated by terrorism. The establishment of peace requires great force. Imagine what your community would be like without your police force to maintain law and order. Don't you think an organized gang would emerge to take what they want from those people who have wealth?

    In the past, many groups manipulated the underprivileged to take control of wealth and power. The latest group is using the tenets of Islam to raise its army. You will not defeat this by education. It will escalate into a global war, unless you defeat it by force in its earliest stage.

    Put this in prospective of your own community. If a gang emerged in your community that started pillaging and killing those who wouldn't capitulate, would you raise an armed force to fight the plunderers?

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    Responding to terrorism with violence only exaggerates the problem. Ever heard Martin Luther King's quote:

    "Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive our darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”

    That pretty much sums up my point.

    The only effective way you can combat and beat terrorism is by mostly words, with minimal violence and very low-level warfare.

    You will have to maintain the balance between responding with violence and agression, and talking so much as if you're almost showing a sign of weakness and fear and backing down instead of talking a tough line, somewhat like the British did in Northern Ireland.

    Let's hope that this will be Bush's new strategy for 2007 and beyond, or at least it wil be the next adminastration's.

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    Only Military units can be defeated by warfare.

    Civilian populations can be decimated, publicly controlled, but never defeated.

    Occupation has to lead to resistance. Resistance to violence. It is human nature and would be no different here if we were on the receiving end.

    Violence is its own vicious cycle, and its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

    There was no terrorism in Iraq until we occupied the country. The native Iraqi had no interest in, or motivation to allow such people in their midst.

    There is only one answer for Iraq:


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    i believe that violence will only result in more violence i think the best way to defeat terrorism is by educating the people the difference between fighting for your rights and freedom or terrorizing innocent civilians so that a certain government will comply with your ideas.

    for instance waging a war on a whole country just to eradicate a certain group will create frustration within the innocent public masses and will give the terrorist an adequate resource of terrorist man power that's what they feed on.

    that happens through history all the time when certain group adopt certain beliefs whether its political or religious.

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    SORRY The answer is no. Terrorists fight a guerrilla war, little or no technology. Your talking about the attempted genocide of an idea just like America Vs Vietnam. You can't physically pick out a terrorist. In The Vietnam War the Americans couldn't tell the difference between a Viet Cong or a South Vietnamese.

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    Terrorism cannot be defeated at all, given that it is a tactic rather than a political philosophy or a nation.

    Terrorists can be defeated militarily but the colateral damage caused is in danger of creating more terrorists.

    Generally what has proved effective (as, for example in Northern Ireland) is a mixture of military action, police work and political negotiation.

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    War is War! Terrorism is just a name! There is nothing Holy about it or is about the bigger bully on the street. There will always be Terrorist that any country see's as a threat to them. What we need is to be real with our own selfs! Call it what you may, but through out the age of Man we will always see wars or be in wars until this world ends. Humans are just like any animal! They kill and want only more! Sadly, its true but dont sugar coat war with a another word. Be real its just humanity!

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    Techincally, WarFare included Terrorism.

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    Terrorism IS warfare - so it is difficult for me to see war as the solution to war. Unfortunately, diplomacy doesn't work because very few world leaders know tha art of true diplomacy which begins with humility.

    I have no other solution - all I know is to continue to use strategies that do not work reflects a lack of courage and vision.

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