How do i set my T.V to 1080i resolution?

Hi guys, i just got a XBOX 360, and i turn it on and the T.V (Element Electronics 32inch HDTV) says in the corner "480p", is that the resolution? if so, how do i set it to 1080i? cuz Nba2k7 looks great, but when it pans out, everything looks like kinda pixelated, and i think if i can somehow set the T.V to 1080i the problem might get fixed??I read the manual and i cant figure out how to set it, is it a certain way i gotta connect the cabels from the back or settings on the T.V?(i could not find one setting that changed it)

Thanks In Advance for the all the help and Suggestions...

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  • Sphinx
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    1 decade ago
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    What you have to do is configure the 360 to output at a high def level as they come set to standard from the factory. To do this you'll need to access the menu in the 360 'dashboard' and change the settings from standard to HD. That being done you need to look at the cable which runs from the 360 to the TV and where it plugs in to the 360 you'll find a small, slide-type switch right on the side of the plug. Move the switch to the HDTV setting and Hey Presto! You're set to take advantage of the finest gaming system on the none.

    If this didn't do the trick then never fear, it's simply a matter of entering the menu on your TV and changing the settings on whatever input you've connected the 360 to. Not knowing the native resolution of that set I'll just say that going for the highest number there be it 720p or 1080i will give you the best HD picture that set is possible of showing. There, problem solved, mission complete! Congratulations on a sweet system, make sure to give the giver a great big hug and have a very Merry Christmas.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The TV should automaticly detect an HD source. It sounds like you need to set the XBox output to an HD setting (1080i or 720p)

    I don't own an Xbox so i couldn'ttell you exactly how to do it.

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