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Are the recent anti-illegal immigrant laws sustainable in Georgia?

Georgia's new immigration law requires anyone applying for state aid to first be verified that they are in the state legally and employers [with state contracts] are being held accountable as well, sanctioning those who do not verify immigration status before employing someone.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Georgia's new immigration law is the first to make it through a state legislative session this year. Many of Georgia's immigration statues will not take affect until 2007, giving state agencies time to adjust and prepare. Georgia's new immigration law will not affect emergency medical care and educational benefits for those in kindergarten through 12th grade, which federal courts have said must be provided regardless of immigration status."It's a punitive bill," said Sara Gonzalez, president and chief executive of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "This is a very complicated issue, and I don't see any good coming out of this."

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    It will go through a court process, hence the long time to wait to go into effect, but it will win out, because the majority of folks want this new law. Those who want illegals to be allowed to stay, and come into America, and Georgia will put up a stinky battle, but it will win! More than likely, though, they may have to emend it to some degree. That's the way it usually goes.

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    The citizens of Georgia will make sure those laws are sustained and enforced. Georgia has been a leader in cracking down on illegal immigrants. The citizens of Georgia are fed up with the pandering of illegals in our state. We will not sit idly by and just LET them take over our state, take jobs Americans WILL do and continue to abuse our welfare systems. The Crider plant in Stillmore, Ga, who lost many workers during a recent raid, not only hired Americans, they raised the wages. Colorado and some other states are following suit. The Swift Co. has hired Americans and legal immigrants to replace those illegals apprehended in the the recent raids. Those Americans and legal immigrants that were hired were also given higher wages and better benefits.


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    I suppose it is the old knee jerk reaction of politician to do something even if it is wrong. Immigration is a hot issue, and anything that a politician does to slow the growth of the hispanic community is translated into votes. They just have not figured out that the growth of immigrants has been about every group that has ever come to America, the hispanics are just the most recent group.

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    Sounds extra beneficial such as you're parroting speaking factors from one portion of this dispute. 30 years in the previous, in case you had someone below arrest which you suspected to be an unlawful alien, you will desire to ask for their eco-friendly card. notice i discussed below arrest.( or stopped for yet yet another count quantity diverse than suspicion of being unlawful) The police had to have probable rationalization for that arrest so as that they weren't arrested on suspicion of being unlawful yet we've been allowed to verify for the eco-friendly card. in the event that they did no longer have one, Immigration have been given right here and characteristic been given them even regardless of the indisputable fact that the expenses have been dropped. This regulation is particularly reverting returned to those standards. that's been unlawful to be in this united states without visa or citizenship, pupil Visa and so forth for an particularly long term. they are unlawful in the event that they cant coach citizenship. they on the instantaneous are no longer stopped on the line and rushed out of united states. there is not any longer sufficient police to try this in the event that they had to. even regardless of the indisputable fact that if, in the event that they arrive during you as a sufferer, suspect, internet site travellers citation arrest, and so forth. it particularly means they are able to paintings out in case you're unlawful. in case you're, they are able to act on that. voters at contemporary would prefer to have extra beneficial "paper" on them than illegals apparently do. I rather have a reliable theory that few have rather learn this regulation and persons who swear that's unconstitutional on the instantaneous are no longer criminal specialists. that's particularly unconstitutional on the same time as the ultimate courtroom docket says that's and the regulation isn't even in tension for 3 months..

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    yea it is.The federal goverment are going to sign the bill into law including no educational benefits and emergency medical care.and they will be deported

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    I think it is, yes. It is well thought out.

    As to being punitive, law is all about being punitive to those who break the law.

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    Better late than never...we'll see what happens.

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