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Do you have any hyperactive kid?

How old is she/he?

what are you doing with him/her?

what is the his/her medicine(s)?

what is your experience with other methods than medicine?

what will be happen at last?

After how many years or up to what age the problem will be solved?

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    My brother was hyperactive. He is also Dyslexic.

    We discovered that he was allergic to red food dye and sugar made him worse, so we modified his diet.

    He was on Ritalin during the school year and sat in the front of the class so the teacher could help him.

    We lucked out with a series of wonderful teachers that went above and beyond for him. Without them I don't think he would have done as well as he has.

    Discipline has to be firm. Never let them bargain with you. Don't let them get away with anything.

    He's grown now, and the hyperactivity has changed into an incredible work ethic and drive to succeed.

    Ask for help. Teachers, doctors and everyone you come in contact with has answers and help for you. Ask about programs and other resources to help. Ask everyone. All they can say is no, and you will be surprised at how many people want to help.

    Good luck to you.

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    OMG do I have Hyper kids!!! One (now 19) was ' medicated with Ritalin for approx 9 months. He was text book for it. With STRONG boundries, a set routine & being sooooo carefull about what he ate, he did settle. "we" tried dexamphetimine as a cheaper alternative but that lasted less than 24 hrs as he had moreside bad effects than good. (like speeding then coming down) He went back to Ritalin His school work was magnificent and he was happier in himself. He decided that he wanted off and thats what we did. His behaviour esculated and he still has trouble today but I give him that "look" that only a mother can, grit my teeth and count to myself untill he calms.My 2nd son has all the typical behaviours of ADHD<CD<ODD like the elder but when we trialed medications he got every bad side effect toboot! We decided not to use them and use the other parenting methods on their own. Both boys were around ten(6 Years aprt) The use of med's is only a tiny part of the answer. Strong parenting, boundries and lots of time out for all seems to be more the go. It was quite a few years with each child before med's came to be an option and only as a part of the bigger picture! Lifes still tough for the boys but we all have our lot in life.

    Source(s): Many years of research, frustration and tears & Laughter
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