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I have a ten year old son with multiple mental/behavioral disabilities. Does anyone know where I can find help

he has seem six differant Psychiatrist and none of them have been able to help him. He is declared disabled and is on disability Medicaid. The medications he is taking right now cost around $ 1200.00 each month. And he is not doing very well. He attends Special Education Classes, and rides the Special Co-Op Bus. But he was not allowed to ride the bus home one night when he tried to go out the emergancy doors at the back of the bus. And in the past three weeks he has been suspended twice. His last Psychiatrist told me that he doesn' t know what else to do to help my son; and he gave up. I do restict what kinds of food he eats and monitor everything. Just nothing seems to help. So I am hoping that maybe one of you will possible know someone else that has been in my shoes. Therefore, I might be able to get much needed help or answers to my many questions. Why do all the Web-sites only give information on one mental illness. My son has two and possible three.

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    You have a right to want some answers in regards to your sons, on going behavioural issues. I am hoping that you are also getting some sort of respite care, and home support and social worker support etc. Does the Medicaid cover some or all of the costs of his medications, or does your medical insurance cover the costs?

    You are lucky enough to have him recognised as having a disability, unfortunately I know a few people who, with disabilities are not recognised or entitled to Centrelink payments (Social security). So they rely on their family for support and care.

    You mention you have seen to six different psychiatrists, why so many?

    What does his paediatrician say, surely they should be working with the psychiatrist, if feel food is causing some of his behavioural problems, then seek the support from a dietitian who deals with behavioural issues and diets. Sue Dengates "Fail Safe Diet" is very good, and she offers some sound advice, and support.

    I have included a few links that you find useful. But do be persistent, as your son has no one else to advocate for him.

    Good luck and hope the New Year is a good one!

    Foot note

    To those who do not know what it is like to live with a person with disabilities or mental illness, should keep there unqualified comments to themselves, as the stress and the cost of living with someone with these conditions can cause an even bigger impact on the health system, because there carers eventually become ill to due to stress etc.

    Source(s): Youth worker who works with young people with disabilities, many having behavioural issues.
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    I'm not a doctor, so don't take my "professional" word for anything. That being said, I hope that I might still be able to give you some "practical" advice.

    How much medication IS he taking? One thing to keep in mind is that many medications can have potentially harmful side-affects, physical or psychological, if taken in conjunction with certain other medications. In addition, taking "too much" medication can also be problematic, especially if taking more than one drug to treat the same problem. Is somebody who is qualified to do so actively looking at his entire medication situation to make sure he actually NEEDS to be taking that much medication and that there aren't any drug-interaction side effects? This could, potentially, be partly what is causing his behavioral issues.

    My advice would be to find somebody you've never seen before who is licensed as a neuropsychologist (I'd actually suggest a neuropsychiatrist, but I'm not sure there is such a thing) and tell them that you want a thorough assessment of the situation. Hopefully, turning some fresh light on the subject will get you more informed and useful answers.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    Medicaid should cover the meds and your co-pay should be very, very small unless you're on a spend-down. Try calling your county mental health clinic and looking into an Intensive Case Manager (ICM). An ICM can help you navigate all systems, coordinate services, act as an advocate and find appropriate services. You can also try requesting that the Child Study Team (or whatever it's called in your school system) to review his school program. Talk to the chairperson for the Special Education committee. If you think your child might be developmentally disabled, seek an evaluation from the state Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. That would open up lots of new resources. Look for state and local parent support groups. They've been in your shoes and can give practical advice and point you in some good directions for professional help.

    Source(s): Work in the field.
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    Why not try the Pfeiffer Treatment Center?

    This center specializes on normalizing the biochemistry body imbalance that could be occuring in children and adults. They basically do a thorough biochemical analysis on each individual and, based also on his mental background, would suggest a treatment therapy using natural remedies. If interested, check their website:

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    Since all scientific methods did not work for the betterment of your son, why not try last resort? Join a religious fellowship. Nothing harm in trying. I for one had undergone mental depression which is psychological but I was restored in hands of God.

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    It is a damn shame that nowadays, kids cannot be disiplined, for fear of C.P.S. stepping in....he is out of control...I don't know if he is slow? is he autistic?...I would be able to help, if you could be more specific...I don't know if this is behavorial, or mental? Please email me with specifics, and I will do my best to research it for you......take care, and God Bless.. have a few questions to ask you....Jesus and God can cure all...if you believe...Just give it to Them...but in the meantime, I would like to know what is wrong..what are his symptoms? Has someone abused him that you might not know about?...Please, just pray on this one..and have faith

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    Try the National Alliance on Mental Illness:

    I can not begin to imagine how overwhelmed you must feel by your situation. I hope that your are able to find your son and yourself more help; and I hope that 2007 brings you more hope and peace of mind.

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    Hi,I 'm sorry to hear that ,though I don't know where to get help ,I can understand your feeling .Anyhow I hope he will get well as soon as possible .May Jesus will help him .

    By the way ,he had this situation when he was born ?I mean what is that disease called ? any other details about it ?(if you'd like, you can tell me more about this disease ) mm,I just know a herbalist doctor ,so....

    Good luck !

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    I find your story hard to belive. If he has Medicaid what difference does it make what the cost of his meds are. deal with it.

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