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Some Christains say that I need to respect their beliefs if I want to be taken seriously. Why?

There are many people I do not respect because of their beliefs. Is this wrong? Should I repect Hilter and his final solution? Should I respect Charles Manson, Jim Jone, San won Moon, Ben Laden or George Bush?

No sorry, if you have a doctrine of genicide, by your own hands, the hands of your government, or the imaginary hands of your flavor of god, well you lose my respect automatically. Sorry, I only respect people with intelligence, love and compassion. As for do a spell check, why not do a god check, I did, nothing but air or if your a bit you know, voices in your head.

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    For "Is it wrong":

    Yes. Why? If you don't believe in God, you probably be sticking to the idea of humanity, love etc. So, does humanity teach you to disrespect any human being? Decide yourself.

    For "Should I respect ...":

    Tell me, why should I respect you if you don't have the same set of beliefs and ideas as I have? The contradiction in ideas and beliefs is natural, its what man is! Each one is contradiction to the other. And to respect and disrespect should not be based on these things (this is what I think). The ideas and beliefs are built by one's environment. If someone father is teaching him that a man (say A) is your enemy from his birth, what do you expect from the kid when he would grow?

    For "Sorry, I only respect people with intelligence, love and compassion...":

    If a religious fanatic (as you would be calling him/her) has intelligence etc, then?

    For "why not do a god check...":

    Do it again!

    If you wish I can prove this to you (only with facts you already know and logic) but I would like you to do it yourself. I would not like to interfere with your personal beliefs as long as I am not invited to.

    So, don't hesitate if you need help.

    Best of Luck

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    I think people deserve to be respected as human being regardless of their beliefs. Do Christians go around killing and doing really bad stuff to people who are different? Any one who uses the excuse of religion to do bad stuff its just a crazy bad person. Just because some idiot who claims to be from a specific religion does something bad you shouldn't assume that all people from that religion are the same. Are you going to hate everyone who doesn't believe the same as you do. Because if so you're being a hypocrite don't you think? With the exception of the evil people who have taken many lives b/c they had no right to do this. If people believe in God maybe they've had personal experiences. I know religion is something that is always being debated....but if people have a strong faith who are you to tell them they're wrong. If you choose to believe something different its your choice....and I'm not the one to criticize you. God will always be real to me no matter what despite if people want to criticize me. I'm not hurting anyone.

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    Respect is earned, not blindly given. You don't have to respect our beliefs anymore than we have to respect yours. By the way, Jesus never taught us to commit genocide. And He will not either. He said that people from all nations, kindreds, and tongues will sit at the table with Him in Heaven. Doesn't sound like He's going to "off" any particular race. And the Christians who exemplify Christ do have love and compassion. Intelligence is given to people of all different belief systems, as is stupidity. And by the way, I've been doing a "God check" all my life, and He's here/there/everywhere. His work is all around for everybody to see. It's just that some people choose to ignore it or call it something else. Peace.

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    I don't think they are asking you to agree with their particular doctrine, simply that you give the individual the respect afforded to all humans. You can respect their right to practice whatever faith they want as it is a constitutional right. But you do not have to partake in that religion or respect all of the things a given religion does. As for anyone killing in the name of God, that is a misnomer. God does not call on us to kill anyone, in fact we are not even to judge the person worthy of eternal hell. That is God's job and I think it is best left to him as he is the only one who knows a persons true heart. However, people use God as a pretty package to disguise the ugliness of their own agendas when going to war. It sort of sugar coats the bitter pill.

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    Merry Christmas

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    In response to your question: Some Christan's say that I need to respect their beliefs if I want to be taken seriously. Why?

    I ask no one to respect my belief in Christ, but WILL tell them about Him IF they want to know. I do not force anything on anyone, and it is up to them to make that choice. I only have to worry about myself and what I do in this life for when the Day comes I have to stand in front of Christ and only I have to give account of my life. I have found out very early in my life if you try to push something on someone they will just walk away and turn them against you. I NOW after many years use love and tenderness in my witness and teachings IF they want to hear it.

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    If you live in the US then you have a constitutional right to your opinions. I believe most free countries like the UK and Canada and other allies have this same right.

    You are entitled to your opinions and if people do not take you seriously, it is no sweat off your brow.

    You don't have to take them seriously either. They don't respect your beliefs and you don't respect theirs, so I Say that is a pretty even deal.

    As long as they do not mistreat you why do you care?

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    I respect your right to believe or not. The belief of true christians is one of love. We are told by the bible to love all others and help others through charity. Comparing this love for all others to hitler is absurd.

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    You are comparing apples to oranges in your question. When it comes to religion, you should respect the RIGHTS of all to worship as they choose. I may not AGREE with the beliefs, but I RESPECT their right to believe as they do. And YES, I am Christian.

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    "Sorry, I only respect people with intelligence, love and compassion."

    Even a slight glimpse of the Cross,meets your demands.

    My father has less than 24 hours to live...His only hope is in Jesus...Will you pray with me?.....this is real...

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