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The Sims 2 and the Sims 2 Pets?

hi i need help badly. ive had the sims for ages and ever since i installed the sims 2 pets it wont work. it keeps telling me to change my resolution which i hav done in game options but then it blacks out n says no analog signal or something like that then turns my screen off. ive tried to uninstall and reinstall and nothin is working. its not a matter of no space because we have heaps and the computer is brand new.. help plz!!

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    yep i had the same problem what it is is your graphics card. it can't handle what is required from Sims 2 pets i had to go out and buy a new graphics card but it was worth cause now the game works fine. if you are having trouble finding the right one take the game in to tandy or some electronic shop they will show you the right one

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    Any Sims recreation for some thing except the pc is a huge waste of money. The gameplay isn't a freefom variety element and the pix are terrible, now to not indicate a lack of very many concepts.

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    you need to get in touch with they might be able to help or from the store you bought the computer

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    maybe you need to install another expansion and then you intall the pets.

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