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cant play frozen throne?

ive installed reign of chaos and frozen throne

but everytime i wanna play it says

please make sure your frozen throne disc is in your cd-rome drive ,then click on retry

okay i know this means my cd is pirated

and i should go to crack copy the .exe file in that & paste it into game's original application file.

only one problem in the crack file there is only

WarCraft 3 FT v1.20e NoCD

WarCraft 3 FT v1.20e update


and 2 text documents one is empty the other has some writing

oh yeah the other problem is...WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL APPLICATION FILE?

if anybody helps me i would be eternally gratefull

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    hmmmm ok the original app file will be in your program files folder where you installed the game. for example my fm07 orginal app is at C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007. so i jus pasted the crack into the folder and replaced the original file. im guessing that WarCraft 3 FT v1.20e NoCD is the crakc file as long as its an executable file. so u would place this in the folder wherever u installed the game. but u would probably have to update with the WarCraft 3 FT v1.20e update or w/e. now the keygen im not sure u neeed. if the crack doesnt work just g2 n search for 1 its completely a harmless site. but if u still cnat find one, my aim is killakwab or kwabena11frem n my msn is or u ca just email me.

    n btw u sure cod3 will work for 360?

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  • garica
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    3 years ago

    in fact what he reported you're able to desire to replace drivers. and that i does no longer in straightforward terms replace directx yet all drivers. some workstation manufacturers you could pass on the positioning and come across a drivers checklist it quite is interior the workstation and besides has hyperlinks to replace them. when I had to repair my toshiba how i as much as date all my drivers.

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