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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

In the Navy?

Is there enough time to do Online schooling (15 hours a week?). I heard it is hard to get onto the internet there. 15 hours a week isn't too bad but is there access to internet or is there a waiting list? Does each room have internet or something?

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    I did online courses in the Navy. You have to be careful you don't get interrupted by deployment. But if you are on shore duty it's relatively easy to go to school. Sea duty is a little harder. But they have college courses on the boat. I would highly suggest doing. The ship has the internet, but it is very limited and not relaible. I have heard of people e-mailing their asignments back to their intructor on shore through their ship e-mail, but that will only work if your instructor will allow it. There is a limit to how many hours a year your TA will pay for, but that is waiver-able. Good luck. (12 hours) 15 hours is a lot for even shore duty and probably not possible on sea duty.

    By the way, I did join the military for college money. It worked out VERY well. I got out of the Navy with an electronics degree and my EMT certification. I now get $1650 a month to go to school. (make sure you get the Navy College Fund in your contract.)

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    Yes it is possible to do Internet based college courses. TA pays 100% of tuition and has raised the maximum to $250 per credit hour and maximum 16 credit hours per year. I have my AA in business management through on line courses via Coastline Community College. There are also some colleges that work with Navy College office that offer classroom based classes. Most people in the Navy either have their own computer or rely on computers at work. If you plan on taking on line computers, I suggest you get a laptop that has WIFI capability. I know most of the MWR single sailor recreation centers have wifi available to use.

  • 1 decade ago

    Online courses are tough, even for anyone with a normal job. For being in the Navy, I would recommend doing a PACE course. As a submariner, I found that the pace and commitment was enough for someone that can't always be online at certain times.

    The credits are accepted pretty much anywhere. Just do your basic classes, like english, humanities, and some math.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I am in the Marines and their is no time for me. The best service if you want a good chance at takeing college courses is the Air Force. I have been on a Navy ship twice and it is hard to get internet on ship. The ship has internet but you have to share it with a thousand other people.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't even waste your time with online school. I personally would say never join the military for college money... Do it for a career. If you join with only the intentions of college money then you give way to a better chance of hating it. Just do school at a university. universities are already getting bad wraps since college is the new High School. You have a better chance in an actual school.

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