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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

I want my state to tell me how many illegal students are in our schools. Is that my right to know?

California recently reported that it costs $9000+ per year to educate the average child. There are about 30 million people living in California. There are approximately 1.5 million students. Since CA does not count students by legal vs. status we do not know the cost of financing legal nor illegal students. In CA 37% of the income tax filers pay more than $300 in state income tax. It takes about 30 filers to pay for just one student. CA has expressed interest in reducing class size overall to 20 students, but educators say we can't because we must use that money for the illegal students. What would be the consequences of passing legislation allowing only 20 students inside a classroom?

That is, using the money for U.S. citizens and legal residents or students here on visas? Could we offer busing to other school districts for illegal students? Could we offer school in tents for them? If legislators forced the issue and allocated "seperate but unequal" to illegal children..what'd?

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    Many of those children were born in the USA to illegal parents -- so while their parents are not citizens, the children ARE according to our laws. This is a statement of fact and not a judgement. The issue of illegal immigration is incredibly complex.

    I was talking for a relative who works in one state's social services department and she pointed out that many of the illegals will buy a Social Security number in order to get work, so the money IS being taken out of their checks, yet they will not get benefits from it when they are older.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In my case, I don't know if they CAN tell me or not, but I do know they WON'T. There are a good deal of Hispanic students at my child's elementary school. Some(like my next-door neighbors fron Venezuela)are legal, many are not. An incident happened in May where some idiot circulated a flier in the Kroger parking lot that stated(in Spanish)that La Migra was coming to round up all the children of illegals at school. It caused a big scare, and my child's principal had to contact all the families of students to say that it was a hoax. Another incident recently happened at a high school in our school system: There had been a dramatic upswing in gang activity, and groups of Hispanic students had been picking a lot of fights, primarily against black students. The principal called the young men responsible into a meeting and discussed the threat of deportation if the behavior continued. Of course it became a media circus and the principal was disciplined. Local Hispanic advocacy groups are now conducting "cultural sensitivity training" meetings at the school. The gang activity continues unabated.

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    If indeed the children were born in this country by illegal parents, then the laws should be changed to stop this . The root of the problem is letting the illegals into this country in the first place. The parents of these children should be charged a fee for the education of their children to cover the cost of their education. If they cannot pay, the employer who hired them should pay the bill. maybe that would help stop employers from hiring illegals in the first place,

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    It is indeed your RIGHT to know. All you can do is fight illegal trespassing, though, and write to your congress people to stop this action of taxpayer's paying for illegals' education. It isn't right that America should pay for another countries education when all they will grow up to become is an angry people who want to take America over by over populating our great land, and continue to take from US. If the non-violent process of working with our government doesn't work, the end result will surely be a bloody battle between the US citizens, against the Mexican illegals, and riots, that will show no bounds. Americans are sick and tired of the governments hypocrisy, and illegal invader's. Enough is ENOUGH!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ask the California Education Department.

  • DAR
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, but they don't track it, on purpose.

    The best I've seen is to take percentages. About 50% of Mexican nationals in the US are illegal. So take 50% of children who are ESL learners of Mexican descent as being either illegal or children of illegals. Students on visas other than literal immigrant visas by law have to pay tuition to the school, but because schools don't want to track (for illegal immigration reasons) they are not collecting this in California.

    The cost Stanford is using as the current cost per student in its economic study of how much Ca would have to spend per student to actually get a functioning school system is $10,000, and note that does not take into account construction costs such as Ca has been incurring SOLEY due to immigration.

    20 students per class is ambitious and I support it. However, first we have to deal with the common 43 students per class, year round schools and teachers on emergency permits (who will teach the greater number of classes?)

    Good luck on getting your numbers. I have seen it as as many as 40% in LAUSD are either illegals themselves or children of illegals, but have no way to verify that number.

    What we need to do is outlaw sanctuary cities and enforce the law. That, unfortunately, is the ONLY thing that will save our schools.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I left California because the people that run the state are complete whores and assholes. I lived there my whole life obeying the law and paying taxes and then the state allowed the state to be invaded while stealing from people such as myself. I hope they all go to hell.

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    5 years ago

    properly i don't be attentive to approximately Wisconsin, yet in our college district whilst i became in severe college they'd not enable us to talk the different language in the school rooms basically exterior of sophistication, till it became the class difficulty. yet nonetheless, the "undesirable habit" became basically an excuse, and that they would not have carried out that, inspite of each and every thing, would not freedom of speech advise something to them? no remember what language is spoken, English, Spanish, or any interior of sight American languages.

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    I think that you should if you are paying the bills.

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