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What's a MicroSD Adapter?

I got a new mobile phone for Christmas, and there is a MicroSD Adapter card which doesn't fit into the mobile when everything else is in. What's it for?? What does it do?? Where do I put it??

Thanks in advance.


The phone is a Nokia 5500 Sport, and yes the memory card is bigger than the sim card.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    An SD card is a memory card. A full size SD memory card is a bit bigger than your sim card.

    A micro SD card is smaller than an SD card, but is backward compatible to work in an SD slot with the adapter attached to it.

    You didn't mention the type of phone you got. It probably came with some memory (maybe 128 MB). Was the memory larger than your sim card? If so, the adapter is only in case you go out and by a microSD and you need it to fit into your phone; otherwise, it has no use.

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