how come when i download torrents from my torrent downloader(bitlord), my internet connection gets cut?

this means i can not get to surf and chat while i download.. please help. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ooooo i think i know the answer. lets say your internet speed is 800kps right. ok then your download speed would be 100 kilo"bytes" per second. so lets say your downlaoding saomthing. your bitlord will probably be downloading it at around 97kps. which is pretty much using up ALL your bandwidth n so u dont have enough to do anything else. so if you surf the net its gonna be like EXTREMELY slow but u should still be able to chat on like aim or msn. i dont know about bitlord but on utorrent, which i use, you can set the maximum download speed to lets say 60kps so it doesnt take up all your bandwidth and you could still do other things.

  • orson
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    4 years ago

    there's no longer something you're able to do approximately it. Downloads soak up bandwidth which impact all connections to that router. the only thank you to velocity up different issues is to decelerate the torrent acquire velocity. you're able to try this via precise clicking the torrent document and changing bandwidth allocation to a decrease velocity. yet regrettably this makes the torrent acquire slower. Sorry thats basically how bandwidth works.

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