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I have red bit like red swollen marks on my arms. Are they bites or hives?

ince I first arrived in ausrtralia I had this once a year ago

red bumps sore itchy look like bites but d onot think so.

Right now they are just are my right arm. Last year it was

my face. They said they think maybe middges bites. But that was last year when I was outside, I have not been outside for some time, and it doesn tadd uup

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    Is there a tiny "hole" or "spot" in the center of the bumps? If so, they're bites...the fact that they are sore indicates they are probably bites. Put some cortisone cream on them. Or aloe gel.

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    HI, according 2 the details they are bites, Just consult Ur dermatologist immediately to avoid any harm through it.


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    Hives are usually red whelps they can be triggered by a number of things. But from your description this doesn't sound like hives

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    if they are very small then prob' bug bites just watch it an make sure you dont get any darker spots around them...

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    if it was an eye it's a bite. if not, it's a hive

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