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My Wii adaptor broke. How can I fix it?

I accidentally plugged in my Wii adaptor to a 220 V plug, when it accepts only 120V. I heard something exploded, and even after I bought a new converter, it still doesn't work.

Does anyone know how I can fix it, or where I can buy a new one with 1 day shipping? Nintendo is closed for customer support :(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don't send it to Lenny he just wants an easy fix

    If you are lucky all that happened is your capacitors in the power supply exploded.....

    Take the unit to a nearby TV repair shop, explain to them what you did....ask them to see if they can repair the their diagnostic fee....

    If they cannot or will not service it, then you will need to ship it to can find the phone number on the WEB

    Source(s): 24 years servicing TV sets.....We don't actually do Nintendo work, but if you told me what you did and what you heard......I'd take a shot at repairing it........That's just the NATURE of a TECH....You Pique their curiosity......
  • 4 years ago

    I even have had the two structures, and now I stick entirely with my PS3. I gained the purple rings of loss of existence on my XBOX 360, despite the fact that it grew to become into out of guarantee and could value an arm and leg to get it fixed. i desperate to purchase a refurbished PS3 somewhat, and it made me sense like possessing an XBOX grew to become right into a waste of time. My PS3 unit did crap out, yet I had offered the prolonged guarantee, I shipped it and had a clean one sent to me interior 7 days. have not had any problems with this unit experience. video games and photographs are way extra suitable and the web characteristic is loose in comparison to the month-to-month get admission to charge for 360 stay. And if your going to apply your console for movies PS3 is a mode to pass, HD-DVD crapped out, Blu Ray is contemporary

  • 1 decade ago

    You can start by packing it up and sending the whole console to me for repairs

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