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does the army make exemptions sometimes in joining requirements,like the GED,high school diploma,residency and


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    Yes and no. There are programs like the GED Plus where you engender a partial commitment and the Army will pay for you to take the GED test. For age, only if you have parental constent at 17 and such. Call me for details.


    Source(s): US Army Recruiter
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    You could always enter the military with a GED, and you dou need to be a citizen the age is 36 with waiver you can serve at 42 you must have a high school diploma.

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    I know of soldier who only have a GED of course they have what some would call crappy jobs if you think being a mechanic is crappy I don't you can join shouldn't be a big deal. Use the site for more info. O, age you gotta be 17 to do join and 18 to acually serve and I don't know what the max age is anymore they have changed it like twice I think it like 34 or 36

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    If you don't want the "used car salesman" feeling of talking to a recruiter face to face, check out You can chat to a live recruiter there w/o having to give your name or address and get a lot of great information.

    Good luck.

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    Rules change all the time. Talk to an army recruiter.

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