i need to know if drinking one energy drink will harm my baby (im in my 5 month) ...?

i need to know if drinking one energy drink will harm my baby (im in my 5th month) ... i have to wake up in 2 hours so i can drive 2 hours to my family for x mas and i just can not sleep hopefully i can get to sleep wiithen 30 min....if it will then what can i eat/drink/do toget the energy i need?

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    AVOID energy drinks. Those energy drinks are FULL of caffeince, which is something that pregnant women should limit or all together avoid. Those drinks probably have more caffeine then several coffees. Do not risk it.

    If you want to keep awake, get plenty of sleep a few nights before you drive and take plenty of stops along the way.

    If you want energy, keep eating! Stock up on your favorite munies and munch away while driving. It's a heck of a lot better than caffeine!

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    Better don't drink it. Most energy drinks have panax ginseng which is not recommended during pregnancy. Plus they have other ingredients like added colors, sodium benzoate and other not so natural things. Also, you don't want to get a shot of caffeine - don't stress out the baby. I think the better way will be to drink some coffee instead (decaf is a good choice, obviously). Don't be afraid that it's decaf (in the sense that it won't keep you alert) - if you used to drink regular coffee you'll "wake up" just from the very taste.

    I drank energy drink once while breastfeeding and the baby refused to eat, so there's something not right with it.

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    Hmm, could you try something a little less potent? Like coffee or a Mountain Dew? There's so much other 'stuff' in those drinks. One drink probably wouldn't harm your child (unless warning labels say otherwise) but I'm trying to imagine how your baby would feel for the next few hours.

    Dark Chocolate always gets me going! Tastes good too! :o)

    Have a safe drive and a Merry Christmas

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    Over a course of 10-20 years Caffine is known to have almost identical effects as those of Alcohol try eating oranges apples and other friuts with natural sugers they won't harm your unborn child and will not cause brain tumors or stomach cancer in you. If you want proof about caffine and fast food rentand watch the movie titled "Super Size Me" listed as the best documentary of 2004.

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    I wouldn't trust all those crazy energy drinks...I'm sure they're safe, but you don't want your baby bouncing off your uterine walls, right? Try anything citrus for energy. One to try: Ocean Spray Cranberry Tangerine always gave me energy.

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    drinking an energy drink so you dont get in a traffick accident is a good idea plus its not like its beer i doubt it can actually do damage to an unborn child

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    it's just caffiene. It would probably be the same as drinking 5 cups of coffee.....i'd pass

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