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is mindfulness (awareness meditation) and phenomenology the same thing ?

if not what is the difference ?

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    no phenomenology relates to self reflection and experiense

    it is a qualatative term mindfullness is action and thought based on this experience

    enjoy your homework

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    The one problem is that you are trying to compare a rationalistic philosophical approach to a mental exercise. No the are not the same. One is a philosophy the other is a practice.

    It also depends a bit on just what you mean by phenomenology. In most cases though phenomenology is better related to skeptical philosophy than to any meditation technique.

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    mindfulness is while one is able to arising judgements from their wakeful suggestions...vs subconsicious urges. phenomenology is a technique which you will actually additionally use to get to a greater wakeful state via asking what's the meaning in the back of behaviors/selections/ suggestions/thoughts ect...expertise meditation is a thank you to sparkling out distractions from the suggestions and enables the guy to make touch with the authentic self. it style of feels that the objective is the comparable however the physique of suggestions is distinctive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mindfulness meditation is more concern with watching whatever thought,feeling,sensation that arises.

    Phenomenology corcern with consciousness which is in the field of the Abhidharma.

    Go to :

    the people there might help you.

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    you have used words far beyond the comprehension of the average yahoo user. You might try AOL for this one.

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