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Doe anyone know of a good self-defense/hand to hand combat training school in San Francisco?

I'm interested in learning hand to hand combat techniques.Defense against armed attackers(guns &knifes).Some place in the city of San Francisco,not to expensive but respectible.

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    One of the more popular forms of martial arts right now is Krav Maga, an Israeli art used by most military organizations in the country. It isn't your typical movie martial art with flashy kicks and flips. Its intent is stopping an opponent quickly and safely, or neutralizing a threat.

    There is a Krav Maga school in San Francisco, interestingly enough called Krav Maga San Francisco. If you search for "Krav Maga SF" in everyone's favorite search engine, it should be the first link returned.

    I would highly suggest researching it before attending classes there. Most schools should allow you to observe a class before you commit to anything. Many, as I believe that one does, will offer a free class.

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