How does a person become more creative?

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    There are lots of things you can do to become more creative.

    Firstly, believe you can solve. Don't always look for an answer from outside. Creative people find their own answers.

    2. Learn and think. Creative people look around at everything. But they are not just learning what others tell them, they are also taking these ideas and thinking, changing and putting them together.

    3. Understand the problem solving process. a. Understand the problem. b. find solutions c. implement them d. review your solution.

    4. Practice being creative. Ignore bullshit like De Bono, but take everyday problems and seek solutions. Apply the methods, such as brainstorming to life's little problems (I use it in classes, and help my students solve all sorts of problems).

    5. Give my 10% of any great ideas that you have

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    I won't say De Borno is any bullshit. How can anyone become creative when they are criticizing the works of another?

    My opinion is one need to open to ideas, to look other people's ideas and think deeper into various subjects and issues.

    One of the best method to be creative is to stop your left brain from thinking.

    My professor who taught me 'creative thinking' gave us things like drawing upside down. Our drawing improved dramatically because our left brain isn't there to stop us or criticize ourselves.

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    1 decade ago

    I believe someone because more creative through trial and error.

    Good Luck!!!

  • By trying to think outside the box

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    1 decade ago

    By using your brains and thinking and making things

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