english to japanese?

how do you translate " i dont know. maybe." to japanese?

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    translation #1 - So kamo, yoku shiranai!

    That is to say in other words Its probably so, but I really don't know. #1 is not too polite but is very casual like when speaking to friends or someone of equal or lesser value than yourself. However, if you were talking to someone you might give more respect to like the mayor you would probably want to use a more humble translation like

    Translation #2 Yoku shirimasen

    I don't know which also means "I'm not knowing" (present) or even "I won't know" all have the same meaning in Japanese. You can construct just take any verb put it in base II and add the polite negative ending in the not so polite form it is verb in base I +nai = I don't verb

    It depends on a couple of factors, Maybe is kamo or kamoshirenai sometimes its desho or daro just depending on what you don't know about. When speaking another language the best thing I learned about doing it well was to use circumlocution.

    Source(s): Moi c'est moi et mon brains desu
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    In such a context like this?

    "Are there still Ninjas in Japan?"

    "I don't know, maybe."

    I would say, "Saa doudaro? Irukamoshirenai."

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    wakkarie masin? Something like that I can't spell.

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    1 decade ago

    Shirimasen. ( I don't know)

    Tabun (maybe)

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    dou darou....

    boku/watashi/ore mo yoku shiranai.

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    wakarimasen, tabun ( I don't know, Maybe)

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