anyone buy a reliable car lately and if you did what is it all my junk?

i like to find type that last 5 years 85,000 miles with just gas and oil changes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Toyota 22 re engine truck. will go over 400,000 miles.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no car does that as every car has thousands of moving parts that get wear and tear and like any moving part, can break after time.

    only way to make a car last to 85k miles with only oil and gas, never drive more than 15 mph, anywhere. and you might get close but the tires will still need to be changed twice in that time frame.

    never buy a car on what you can afford in payment per month as there is MUCH more to a car. take 8% of the car, the car price, insurance price and at least 2 tanks of gas for the car per week, figure it all out and divide it up and you'll then realize what you can afford.

    good example.....if you think you can afford a $400 a month payment, in reality you can only afford a $300 a month payment as the other $100 is part insurance, gas, maintenance.

    best cars out there are toyota, honda, acura, lexus, volvo....but when they break they cost 3 times more than cars like ford, chevy, chrysler, dodge, etc. more or less...first group breaks 3 times less often as 2nd group but costs 3 times as much to fix...2nd group breaks down 3 times more often but 3 times cheaper to fix.

    my current blazer I put all new brakes, rotors, pads, etc for the price of just pads on my old honda.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    '04 ford ranger reg cab, 2.3 L 4cyl. not a prob out of it. 30k miles

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