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Adam asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Hawaii Arizona State Game Refs??

Did anybody else see the rediculously anal refs in the Hawaii bowl game? it was a secondary story to the success of Colt Brennan, but this guy got thrown out of the game by way of his second unsportsmanlike. The receiver caught a long touchdown pass for hawaii and went over to high five some little kids, literally like 5 or 6 years old. The refs flagged him Immediately and thus he was out of the game, how rediculous have the celebration rules become if a college player cant give a little love to some very young fans?? that high five is probably one of the high lights of their lives so far...Its just wrong, let the players play...When asked about it, the ref said "Of course thats what the penalty was for, this isnt the Green Bay Packers" Is it just me or is that taking the rule way to far?


In case you aren't smart enough to know this, OK does not make any sense as an answer to this question.

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    Whats sad is refs these days try to take the game over and want to be the top story. I absolutely hate it. I was surprised that they didnt throw a flag with 8 seconds left while Colt Brennan was high fiving his fans and signing autographs and I even heard the announcer say something along the lines of I hope these refs dont throw another flag for Brennan celebrating....its sad and pathetic and he shouldnt be able to ref ANYMORE. Rules are becoming ridiculous in general...there are WAY to many flags being thrown for things that are just a part of the game, like hits on the QB's and endzone celebrations...its ridiculous.

  • Mike H
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    1 decade ago

    Refs should be fined or suspended for making stupid calls like this. Unfortunately they are given too much power by the rules comittee and some of them abuse it.

    I don't care for cell phone celebrations or over the top stuff. I think the Lambeau Leap should be for the Packers only, and dumping Gatorade on coaches for the 1986 Giants only.

    But these are kids. Punishing someone they idolize for high fiving them is ridiculous.

    BTW pushing a QB down as he releases a pass should not be a penalty (See Urlacher vs Vikings). Too many rules protect those sissies but that's another story.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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