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Nuclear weapons... I've noticed...?

I've noticed recently that countries who have been developing nuclear weapons end up with some sort of beneficiary deal if they stop 'producing' nuclear capabilties. For example, Iran, North Korea and Egypt. Are countries developing Nukes to get something out of the West for free?

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    no, but Israel does

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    Well honestly nukeular power is a huge cost saver so they should get rewards for not having it at there own expense. The fact that its produces weapons grade nuke materials is the reason why we are willing to pay them to not develop these technologys... But the thing is these countrys run on mostly oil based acconomy and there oil is running out so they are stuck in a do or die situation when they look at there future. So they either get nuke power or go back to stone ages and be over taken by the ones with nuke power. IF you look from there perspective or try to youll see why its so important to them. If you close your mind off and dont try to see in there eyes you become blinded yourself. A Fool is man who can see but choices not too. We are all fools in some way shape or form.

    And actualy the less countrys that have nukes the more likely one country will have total control and thats bad imo.

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    Yes, it's a shame that these countries can't come up with a peaceful way of bolstering their economy. I'm sure if they used their money and energy in ways that would help their people their country would prosper.

    The more countries that have nuclear weapons, the more likely that the earth will become uninhabitable.

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    arent they always trying to get something from the west for free.

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    an interesting theory

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