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I have two street dogs from taiwan. they bite taiwanese people. how to stop it? there are so many street dog

i have had both of the dogs for 2 years and they recently have shown aggressive behavior to taiwanese people ONLY. to foriegners that are my friends they have no problems. it is only to taiwanese people because they have been beaten before when living on the street. what can i do?

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    When you take your dogs for a walk, put a muzzle on them.

    Any good pet store will have them.

    They are not cruel and wont hurt the dogs - but you

    safe yourself a lot of trouble and lawsuits if you don't.

    Don't let your dogs run loose either, keep them in a

    fenced yard or build a dog run in your backyard.

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    that is a initiate yet training starts day a million. Socialization is a key element. those canines would favor to be separated and the single taken out to satisfy human beings and different canines. all of them should be doing this frequently, finally. try Petsmart, Sitting outdoors Starbucks. Ask human beings to furnish your canines a take care of if he sits for it. for sure, if the canines is a very aggressive man or woman, this received't artwork. he will finally be positioned down because he's a probability to the community and finally, he will damage someone. sounds like one canines too many for this chum, possibly 2.

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    You can have the Taiwanese people feed them treats to associate them with that. If not, find some Vietnamese people and feed the dogs to them.

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    Just move to another land with your dogs, in the mountains where there are no streets and no people to bite.

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    Simple solution... Take the Dog out in the back yard, tie it to a tree, load a gun, and shoot the mother f..ker

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    take them to a vet and have them check them for psychological problems. dogs can suddenly become aggresive, but it is unusual for them to be aggressive to just one group.

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    have you see this tv sow.if not here is the link he is a great person on things like is the link

    Cesar Millan

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    You can just keep them INSIDE your house so that they couldn't bite people!!(You said that they won't bite you...)

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    should buy him a muzzle

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