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Texas Hold'em Scenario: What's the lowest pocket pair you would play a hand with before the flop?

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    Any pair if you are unraised big blind.

    Otherwise it depends on the state of the game.

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    Not enough information to make a decision.

    What is your position, is the table tight or loose, have you been playing tight or loose, have you won many pots recently (on a rush), what are the stack sizes of the other players, etc.?

    Your question can not be answered without additional information.

    With the proper and different situations, 22 can limp-in, rasie, or all-in.

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    Poker isn't about formulas all the time. You need a strategy and sometimes depending on your opponent and your chip status you need to make a move. I don't think it ever hurts to at least stay in until the flop with pocket anything.

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  • A's pair

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