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what to take to make the penis long, fat, strong, and delay premature ejaculations?

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    stay health, anyway, it is not how big you are, it is how big you play. relax and learn to control.

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    Hi I have been suffering from premature ejaculation for most of my life, but I found the most amazing invention to tackle this issue and since then I never looked back, and it is so simple. There are quite a few options to tackle this issue. Go and see a Doctor, he will write you a prescription for Dapoxetine. But look at the possible side-effects, I especially like the last two. The most commonly reported side effects when taking Dapoxetine tablets30mg include, headache, gastrointestinal upset (nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, abdominal discomfort), dizziness, drowsiness, tremor, difficulty sleeping, increased blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido. There are the self control methods which are not really easy to achieve and time consuming, but the worst is that most of them instruct you to think of other things while making love, I want to experience my partner in full and as sexy as possible and not concentrate on Mickey Mouse or how not to come and deep breathing and what have you. I want to think about my partner and look at her in all details and watch her *** if possible several times in one game, that’s what I want. Condoms with a delay agent They don’t work well because they numb the whole Penis and its difficult to uphold an erection. Delay Spray and Cream This actually works, but only if you know what you are doing otherwise it too will numb your entire member, and the love box of your partner as well so remember, that is something you need to avoid. The best thing I found is a Frenulum Plaster. This plaster is made to use with a numbing cream to numb your penis in all the right spots meaning that you still have the same feeling and sensation as usual but you are riding so much longer. It is important that you get the plaster on the right place or else a totally numb penis head will make it go all soft and not be able to please anyone, let alone YOU. When the plaster is placed in the right spot, the numbing agents go to work. Our plaster is specially coated with an extra strength medical adhesive which will keep it in the right place. If the cream would not be properly locked in and your cream would be leaking out into your pants, now what would that look like? Right it would look like you could not even hold it before you took your stinger out. Did you know that there are a lot of sensitive points on both the cut and uncut penis? The uncut penis has more, though. It has 17 to where the cut ones have only 11. If you have an uncut one, then you’re feeling every little caress and it feels way too good and within a matter of minutes, wham! You’re gone, dude. But the same goes for many of the cut dudes too. The plaster is thin, see-thru and discreet looking and you can put it on ahead of time if you know you’re going to get lucky that night. If you’re uncut, it easily fits under the foreskin, unnoticed. Facts Are • Several places on the foreskin are considerably more sensitive than any point on the circumcised penis • The glans are not the most sensitive part of the penis, but rather, among the least sensitive. • The most sensitive part of a circumcised penis is the foreskin’s remnant and scar If you are interested in this product, just Google this sentence including the quotes, it will get you to the right place and you will find a lot more information there. "What we have to offer will allow you to delay your orgasms, able to please your lady for a long long time." For me, if this is done as instructed, I can go for at least 30 minutes and I have noticed that after using it for a while I even go longer without it.

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    For length and girth of penis (enlarge penis)



    Don't ever pay for penis enlargement information.

    Get rid of premature ejaculation:

    Most men do not have a developed pubococcygeus muscle. That is the muscle that stops the flow of urine, and also semen. A strong pubococcygeus muscle can also help with erections by holding blood in the penis. The exercise to workout this muscle is called the "kegel." To do the exercise you squeeze the muscle you use to stop peeing. Hold this muscle for 2 seconds and release, do this 30 more times and in a month you won't have that problem. You can also do a step program to have even more "staying power."


    Week 1: 30 Reps every night

    Week 2: 40 Reps every night

    Week 3: 50 Reps every night(Results start to show)

    Week 4: 60 Reps every night

    Week 5: 70 Reps every night

    Week 6: 80 Reps every night(Almost full results)

    Week 7: 90 Reps every night

    Week 8: 100 Reps every night(Full results)

    From "Week 8" on do 100 reps every night. A few minutes of your time is worth they great benefits.

    You can do "kegels" wherever you are, but I usually do them in bed before I go to sleep.

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    Premature ejaculation is caused by specific things that you do before and during sex. Most of the time without even realizing it. Read here https://tr.im/W0VcR

    Premature ejaculation is not some gene you're born with, the result of your penis size or a part of your personality that you can never change.

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    penis enlargement surgery and take viagra.

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