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I met a guy last year on christmas eve. Things ended badly. I sent him an ecard saying sorry a week and a half ago. He responds on christmas eve saying thanks and I've met the one. That is all he said. Do you think he was being vandictive. He said it on the day that we met.


Oh yeah I also had a funny feeling that they were going to do send a reply saying that. I didn't ask them to respond back.

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    Yeah I do think he was being cruel. Come on now why would someone say that on the day that you met. Even if it is true. Why be rude about towards an apology. Sorry hun...sounds like he was giving you a slap in the face. He wasn't being a gentleman about the situation. A real gentleman would have more social graces.

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    what did you expect, after all you waited a year to email him.

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    yeah sure

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