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What was your friendship like with the closest friend you've ever had?

Just strictly friends is all I'm talking about. What was that friendship like? And if this person, in the duration of your friendship was not all that nice to you pretty consistently, yet you still somehow ended up always being friends again (even after a few years of not talking) would you just figure it was meant to be, or would you more or less think you just have an unhealthy friendship?

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    My best friend and I have been together since grade school we are now celebrating our 30th class reunion. We have shared our weddings (in the same year) the birth of our first child (in the same year) the ups and downs of parenting, jobs, husbands, money, and our lives in general. We have decided that we will always be friends and we have located a mental hospital that will take us when our minds are gone and we will be in the same room....that's friends. Always there to listen, understand, set us straight when we make a big mistake and never ever judge us for who and what we are. Make our lives complete and whole...that's a true friend.

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    I had a friendship like that when I was younger. My supposed friend always blamed me for things when she got in trouble and basically fooled the entire world into thinking she was a perfect angel and I was Satan himself. Good thing as*holes like that are usually exposed for the frauds they are. That being said, if you're in any kind of relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself or if the person is less that nice but you keep hanging out together, no, it's not fate. That person is probably a jacka*s and you're the only one passive enough to let them treat you like crap. You probably keep staying friends because the other person can't get anyone else to hang around them.

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    My closest friend and I are total and complete opposites, but we have the same humour and some interests.

    We have not spoken for years, sometimes because we don't see eye to eye, others because life kept us apart.

    But when we get back together, it's like we only saw each other yesterday.

    We have also been through big things in our lives together and it's just the knowledge that we can put irks and annoyances aside and come together.

    But don't get in our way when were venting steam with each other.

    Tolerance and an understanding of each others faults

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    I met my best friend when we were 13. I was new in town. I then moved far away at age 17. We have visited each other over the years. We did have a 10 year span of losing each other.

    When we get together it is total acceptence of each other. We can tell each other anything without judgment. We can laugh together and cry together. She is now east coast and I am west coast. We would both drop everything and fly out to help each other.

    It is wonderful to have someone who totally accepts who I am. And continue the relationship over the years. It is wonderful

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    i have one of those special friendships most people only read about in fairytales. his name is anthony and he's been my best friend since we were 12 (8 years) ok so 8 years may not be alot to some of you but its almost half a lifetime for me and him.

    basicaly theres not one thing we cant get through together. like when we were in the same class at college he was bullied, we got our revenge! and whenever i'm upset.......well he's never been an overly sensitive guy but he'll simply put a hand on my shoulder and listen to me.

    it may not sound like much but support and trust is what real friendship is built on, as well as fun

    and there's plenty of that. i have so many fun memories with him from camping in the middle of no where for a week with hardly any money to simply having a picnic in his bedroom because it was too cold and wet to have one outside!

    basicaly anthony is like the brother i never had and of course we bicker (which friends don't) but when it comes down to it i feel like the luckiest girl in the world because without anthony i dunno where i would be today^_^

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    Well, my best friend is just that, my best friend. I can talk to her about anything and she never judges me and is always quick to forgive if I do something stupid. But, i do not understand how you can call this person your friend if they were consistently not nice to you. I could not imagine doing anything that would intentionally hurt my friend and i know she would never do anything to hurt me. That is what makes us such great friends. The trust that we both have each others best interest at heart.

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    Friendship is always fire and ice, play the game as and when it comes a sthere's nothing in close friendship that goes bad

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    well me and my closest friend are still friends its really fun. all we do is talk shop do crazy things together. we neva talk bout eachother and we trust eachother with our lives. i would risk my life for my bestie. we would do anything for eachother

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    it was good lots of advice toward eachother,and yes its perfectly normal if you get along too much then its bad

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    shes still my friend and shes far away...shes great...always listens without judging me..

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