Iran... Where do we go from here?

I feel that the purpose of any Government is to serve its people's views, and implement the peoples ideas, which makes for a better country... Its almost like saying 'The ideas of the staff is the management'.

I have a feeling the Iranian people aren't up for a war with The West, but the government seem to be acting as a cataylst for an air strike...

Now that Iran has rejected its sanctions, what do you think is the right answer to this avoidable situation? Its not the people that are the problem, its the people in charge...

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    1 decade ago
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    You are correct in stating the people in charge are the MONSTERS.

    But the monsters use THE PEOPLE to get their work done. So, it is either the head or the tail that must go.

    Conservatives would shoot for the head in a surgical strike and quickly end the suffering, but the liberals will go for the tail peace by peace and thereby prolong suffering, being the d**k heads that they are.

    Source(s): Why Cowboy Bush Can't Shoot Straight
  • 1 decade ago

    What gives us the right to dictate what other countries should do, when it's ok for our allies to to whatever they want.

    OK, their president is an idiot who takes orders from fundamentalist clerics. That makes Iran no better of than we have been in the US.

    Think about it.

    Right now a majority of Iranians want a Western style democracy with separation of mosq and state. However, they are also firecely patriotic.

    If we were to be stupid enough to take military action against Iran, everybody would line up behind their president. It would be the biggest present we could give him.

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    1 decade ago

    Sanctions are known to be notoriously ineffective(Iraq for example) and damaging to innocent people, but Iran don't get to chose to accept it. Others impose sanctions on Iran whether they like it or not. Ahmadinejad is good with rhetorics, but hopefully he is weak as he seems. It may well be that West is playing fire here as Iran could sponsor terrorism over seas, but many in Iran oppose Ahmadinejad as rescent Iran election have shown, so may be this sanction will aid efforts to oust leaders like him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't even think about attacking Iran. Iranians are extremely patriotic, and they won't take any foreign military intervention. Get your dirty hands off Iran if you don't want to create another disaster like Vietnam. Besides, with all this humpty-dumpty mess you've created in Iraq, I don't think you'll be able to attack any country for decades, let alone if the country is "the Great Persia".

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