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Are all Samoans fat/pudgy?

When I was watch wrestling I never saw a Samoan who had any muscle definition. Are their lives in jeopardy due to the excess fat?

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    The Anoa'i family, hailing from Samoa, has many members who are professional wrestlers.

    The family was started by Reverend Amituanai and Tovale Anoa'i who had four children: three sons - Afa, Junior, and Sika, and one daughter - Vera.

    Afa's sons Samu, Afa Anoa'i, Jr. and L.A. Smooth are wrestlers, while his daughter Monica Anoa'i is the widow of wrestler Gary Albright.

    Junior, married to a second cousin of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, has two sons, both wrestlers: Rodney Anoa'i, known best under his WWF moniker Yokozuna, and Reno Anoa'i, also known as the Black Pearl.

    Vera married Solofa Fatu and gave birth to three sons, who all would become wrestlers: Sam Fatu (known as Tama and Tonga Kid), Solofa Fatu Jr. (as Fatu and Rikishi) and Eddie Fatu (known as Jamal and Umaga).

    Sika's older son Matt Anoa'i is wrestling under the name Rosey, while his younger son Joe plays football for Georgia Tech.

    Afa and Sika's father considers Peter Maivia* his "blood brother". This connection extends to Afa and Sika, who regard him as their uncle. Peter's daughter Ata Maivia married wrestler Rocky Johnson*. The couple became the parents of Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock*.

    Jimmy Snuka* is a cousin of the family as well; his adopted son, Jimmy Snuka, Jr., is also a wrestler, dubbed Deuce Shade.

    Boxer David Tua and actor Solo Siaopo are related to the Anoa'i family.

    *- non-fat members of the family

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    No, of course all Samoans aren't fat! You're seriously basing an entire culture based on the few that are on tv?

    Based on that, you could say that that all Americans are fit and lean, since those are the ones that are usually shown on tv.

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    I can see why.Joe from TNA , The Fatus of WWE (Older Fatu was Rikishi , the younger Fatu brother is Umaga)Not really , The Rock got Samoan in his blood and he is not fat.

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    No.. Well.. The Rock is Samoan or something.. He is sexy and fine, he doesn't have any fat, well not any visible fat.. But i understand what you are meaning with this LMFAO.

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    The Rock is part Samoan,and he's in great shape.

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    No, but Samoa is known for being very tribal, so if you were from Samoa and you wrestle, chances are you are pretty dang large

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    The Rock and Snuka are examples for the answer no.

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    the rock is not fat and he and umaga are cousins.The Rock is also part samoan and part african american.

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    Yes and they all have abnormally large heads too.

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