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Would you concede that effective immigration reform is better for everyone?

People who are pro-immigrant should be very,very happy that presently we accept more than 1,000,000 people annually as Legal Permanent Residents. We also accept relatives of U.S. Citizens wihout limits. We accept over 100,000 HB1 workers each year. What I have difficulty understanding is why anyone believes we should add more than that number (the highest in any country in the world) to our already very crowded country? Do you agree or disagree?

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    Immigration laws should be made lenient and tolerant because it is through immigration that the US became a superpower due to taxes, progressive economy and varied ethnic groups making a unique society.

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    Well I agree with you for the most part, except one of the last statements. Our country (USA) is not very crowded, the population density is about 70-80 people per square mile. The Northeast USA may be very crowded, but the middle USA and Western USA have a lot of open land. I do agree though that a reform will be better, especially if it can find a more effective way to let people into the country and reduce the # of illegal immigrants so we can concentrate on improving other things in the country (education for example).

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    "effective immigration reform" is a trap. What does that mean, exactly? The Senate Bill would ruin the country to the extent the trade bills allowing outsourcing can't yet due to the fact that some jobs simply have to be performed locally.

    I can think of effective immigration reform I would like. However, after seeing the 100 plus page 'management agreement' they slipped into the Senate Bill, and the provisions they slipped in in the last two weeks before the vote, I would have to say I don't trust Congress with the crafting of 'effective immigration reform'.

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    I believe there should only be one restriction. If you ever come into this country illegally, you would be banned for life from reentry regardless of how you try. As far as becoming a US citizen, you must learn our language and our culture as part of the qualifications to become a citizen.

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    Enforce the law!

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