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Have you ever been pickpocketted? If so, how did you realise and what was it like?

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    I wasn't pickpocketted... But I was robbed a couple of years ago when I was 11 and I'm now 15. I went into the lift with this other guy while playing with my phone... As the door opened he pushed me, grabbed my phone and closed the door. Okay, I was stupid to have let him do that. But hey, I was just 11 then and I didn't expect that so I was in shock and I ran home crying...

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    I have never been pick pocketed either..only "robbed"...I could imagine that there would have to be a little "stigma" of guilt that would go along with it, though, ...a little voice that is inside your head screaming at you "HOW could you NOT KNOW IT!!!" would feel like "rape" would feel violated...(only you didn't feel it at the you didn't experience the emotional state of "knowing and yet feeling helpless"

    in a may be a little harder to recover from...BECAUSE you have the compounded loss of personal property, privacy invasion, feelings of helplessness and the shame of self blame (I should have felt SOMETHING!!! )

    All in all..I would think it would NOT be a very PLEASANT experience...

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