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Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas?

Hey read this article on Yahoo news and please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Merry Christmas to my brothers and sister and also to those of other religions. Remember, "peace on Earth and good will towards men". God bless you!!!



You have hatred in your heart. Therefore I can not reason with you.

Bush may have caused bad things, but no worse that Saddam and his reign of terror.

When the smoke clears, I hope peace reigns and not the tyranny of a dictator.

Or should we just look the other way and not do anything. Oh, no someone stood up to terrorists. Better not rock the boat!!!

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  • Dee
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    Thank you for thinking about our brother and sisters of Iraq, I'm Muslim like the majority or Iraqi's and i appreciate that you thought about these people. good bless you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what a great post .... what a mercy feelings you have twards iraqi christians ...

    but i guess mr Bush was the first to give them merry christmas ....

    he killed more than 100 000 innocent iraqi

    he distroyed hole cities over the head of iraqi's civillens

    he raped thousand of iraqi womens

    he killed thousand of iraqi childrens ... buy his smart bombs ...

    he abused thousands of iraqi prisoners ....

    he stallen iraqi oil ....

    he destoyed a hole country which was called iraq ...

    how mercy is americans .... after all that

    your sending your christmas wishes to them ....

    then you wonder why we hate usa

  • JJ
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    1 decade ago

    Sure they do..why wouldn't they ..Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i heard that an old iraqi muslim bugger who tried to sell christmas trees for a living got a bullet through his neck

    thats why they call islam so peaceful

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