What do you know about Egypt?, what do you think of it?

I'm not asking for map or Internet information, I just want your present information and thoughts.

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    Egypt. What do I know and think of it?.

    Just reading your question makes me want to be back there right now!

    But, I am in Australia,watching every dollar I spend so I can get back to your Egypt in May!

    There is so much to love about Egypt, that I'm not sure where to begin.

    Maybe with the people.I don't feel there is such thing as a typical Egyptian.Caireanes are an urban population, but so are the people of Luxor and they are both very different.Even in the cities there is a lot of diversity.If I had to remark, I'd say the people who live in Cairo and its sprawling suburbs are like big city dwellers all over the world,always in a hurry,polite, but not overly friendly and of many varied and diverse backgrounds.

    They are without doubt the most skilled traffic dodgers in the world. The taxi drivers seem to rely on driving skill mixed with a dash of bravado,plus strange humor.Not to forget the essential horn and braking system.

    I'm still looking for the a taxi in Cairo without a dent. I just know one must exist,somewhere!

    Egypt would not be Egypt, without the age old skill of bargaining. At first its a bit daunting to Westerners.Once you get used to it you realise it is a skill,and you get better with practice.

    Unlike Australia,especially the southern states you know what the weather will be like the next day. In summer its very hot and the rest of the year its not quite as hot.Midwinter is what we would term pleasant weather.

    I have never seen a photo that actually does the immensity of the pyramids justice.They are something that must be experienced as well as seen.Saqqara, and the Giza plateau with the Pyramids, 5th Dynasty temples and tombs,the amazing workers town and of course, the Sphinx is an Egyptophiles paradise.Now there is the purpose built new museum. That is on my list for this trip, as it was not open in August.

    You could spend a week in the 19th century Egyptian Museum and still not see all of the exhibits on display.Its best to go early in the morning due to the crowds and no airconditioning,except for in the jaw dropping, Tutanhkamun exibition.

    After a hard day doing the sights,take a felucca and sail the Nile at sunset.You will actually see beauty in concrete architecture as the light changes and evening falls.Thats the time to take off to Fishawis,(reknown for being open continuously for 200 yrs) for a refreshing cup of tea or coffee. The is plenty of variety of nightlife in Cairo to suit all tastes.ages and budgets.

    A visit to Old Cairo, Islamic Cairo and of course Khan El Khalili is a must.

    Do it by the Metro, its cheap,fast,clean and safe.

    Its also a good way to mix with the people, who will help if you need directions etc.and it covers all Cairo.

    Before I leave Cairo its become my tradition,to go up to the Citidel.It is really a serenely beautiful,magnificant monument to Ottoman and Turkish rule.

    I stand and look out over this huge and ever growing city and tell her,"I will be back".From there you can see as further than the pyramids and its only then you really see Cairo.

    You can leave Cairo by bus,train,or plane.If you want to go diving and swim among coral and fishes in brilliant clear water,there is Hurgarda, and other pretty laid back resorts.Life is much less hustle there.It has plenty of clubs etc.

    The best relics from the Roman occupation of Egypt. Also of Cleopatra and the Ptolomies are around Alexandria and the Roman crypts have an eerie charm. Alexandria is a city and has a very European influence, from food to fashion.Its also only a short bus trip to the W.W.2 memorials.I find the people very different to those in Cairo.

    Up the Nile from Cairo is Luxor,my favorite place in the world.

    Its people on the East Bank are urban but more open and friendly.It is basically a city that runs on tourism.That is why you practice your bargaining in Cario.

    It is here that the luxury liners moor waiting to take the next tourists up the Nile to Aswan.There is so much to see and do in and around Luxor.Hotels are cheaper than Cairo and the staff of most are excellent.

    Remember it gets very hot there in Summer,last July it got to 55c.in The Valley of the Kings.So keep your water bottles stocked up.In central Luxor right by the Nile, is the Luxor Temple complex.

    There is the constant bidding to get you to ribe in a calaboshe,animal lovers, be assured the horses are cared for and watched over, by a group of animal lovers who ensure they get treated well and have vet. checks.

    .Across the Nile,on the rural West Bank,are the Valley's of The Kings and the Valley of the Queens.The Collosus of Memnon, The Temple of Hatshepsut ,Medinet Habu,the Tombs of the Nobles,etc.So much to see.!You can get good cheap accomadation.Or hire a bike or a donkey in Gezira, if you want to explore the West Bank for a few days. To cross the Nile use the public ferry for 1L.E. instead of motorboats and feluccas.It is the best way to meet the friendly people of Luxor.I find a difference between the people of Cairo and Luxor.In and around Luxor people are very,very open and no one seems in to much of a hurry and they love to chat.

    A visit to the complex of Karnak will be a memory you will never forget,its beautiful,imposing and leaves you in awe. So much to take in, as it is vast. A good thing to do if hiring a guide,is ask them questions about where you're going, BEFORE you pay them. Some have virtually no knowledge of Egyptian history.

    Regarding the "guardians" the little old guys who work as caretakers of tombs,temples etc. They rely on your tips,their wage is next to nothing so try and give something.

    There are sites like Abydos and Abu Simbel that you can only travel to in a road convoy.That is protected by soldiers and the plentiful Tourist police in thier white uniforms.They have been doing it this way since a few radicals caused problems for tourism a few years ago.

    I never feel so protected and looked after than when I'm in Egypt.

    Aswan is so friendly as well as a lot to see and do.You are likely to find yourself invited to dinner with an extended Nubian family after buying a bottle of water.If you get the chance go,you will be well treated and have a wonderful evening with new friends.

    This is turning into a "book",I apologise,and will leave you with these a few of my thoughts of Egypt.

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    an egyptian, well, Egypt is not a desert, u won`t be in a desert unless u go for adventurous Safari trip in sharm el sheikh, also known as the best location for scuba diving in earth. The Pyramids are great to visit and it`s on the extents of Giza a busy large city. Cairo is very civilized with all modern touristic services and 5 star hotels and all. The Luxor city has more than 90% of the whole world's Monuments. There is no place like Egypt for a tourist, may be not so pleasant for its own people due to low rate of living but surely a heaven for tourists, inexpensive also.

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    unfortunately thats true. i live in the USA but came for a visit and yes the girls here were very tight clothes and watch the very bad movies. Although those wearing niqab dont those who wear hijab wear a tight short sleeved shirt and under it the dreaded body (which is extremely tight). im egyptian and i live in america and ive never wore pants outside only skirts and shirts that have to be approved by my father. there are different levels of bad here in egypt and some you can hardly differentiate between a muslim egyptian and some girl from a western country. there are times where i thank Allah that I'm living outside from what I see here and thank God i'm leaving soon. However I still like Egypt. Rabina yihdeehum

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    Egypt is the most ancient civilization. I admire those primordial people.

    For the first time in history, the idea of a solely God shown up.

    However, times have changed mentality , idiosyncrasy, and their culture, and Egypt fall down as a main cultural country in the world.

    As a country of the Middle East, looks like to be neutral on the cold and hot war that sometimes occurs at that places.

    But Pyramids are still there to ensure that there is an unforgettable culture.


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    Egypt is full of ancient cilivizatoin and it's the most polluted country in the world.. But its' beautiful with beutiful places to go while you're there .. For example, the great phyramids of Giza, and more..

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    Im an Egyptian guy born and raised in Egypt but in the last two year i traveled to other country .i relaized many things i wasn't paying attention to,Egypt is a cheery , peaceful and charm country.

    we have to speak to all the world and show them how beautiful Egypt is?

    That is it

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    egyot is a perfect place!

    i love it with all my heart

    i was born and raised

    first the people:

    1)very kind



    4)you will meet them right away and trhey will make you feel like they have known you for years

    5) they are very lovable

    6)love crowds

    the place

    some places are very classy

    yet come can be poorer

    if you want to enjoy the beach areas go to sharm el sheikh beutifull, very beutiful the water is clear the place is fantastic

    egypt is a wonderful place

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    Hi Tamer,

    Egyptian like u here. I know u want a foreign point of view. I was just moved by one of the answers that said that we once were a great civilization and times changed.

    Just my inner eye of imagination I had this dreams, we all gathering together and saying "To hell with it, we're going get our past back"

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    Egypt is exceptionally ancient, and is situated in Africa. It is home to the Nile River, the largest river in Africa. It is desert land, rather heated and barely any greenery grows. It is also home to the famous Pyramids, which hold the mummies of Pharaohs ancient Egyptian Kings). It can also be quite expensive to holiday there! It is also situated by the Red and Dead sea :)

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    egypt is full of history and many places to see and the country where friendly people live...

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