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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 1 decade ago

Do you actually know anything about Muslims that dosn't come from second hand sources?

Did you actually ever study the Quaran yourself? The actuall Quaran, not verses people post on websites.

Or do you actually know how a Muslim woman feels about wearing a Hijab or Mandeel by asking her yourself?

It bothers me how ignorant people are just to believe the first thing they read on blogs, YouTube, MySpace, Ect. and go on believing it until someone actually proves them wrong.

For example, The Verse Of The Sword ; Has anyone actually seen that Verse in the Quaran itself? Not google, or a website about the Quaran, or Yahoo Answers.

I've seen countless of false facts all over Yahoo Answers, take this for instance; Someone answered one of my previous questions saying "Muslims are gross because Men are promised 72 virgins in Heaven".

False - In Heaven Men (And woman alike) can have whatever they want, which now-a-days people have more sexest thoughts and rephrase the fact to "MEN CAN HAVE AS MUCH SEX AS THEY WANT IN HEAVEN"....


Pardon me, I spelled actual wrong in the first paragraph.

Update 2:

Television IS a second hand rescource TankFrank.

And if those stories are really true that dosn't mean all Muslims are like that - Every Muslim I know are ashamed and angry at the terrorists that give Islam a bad name.

Why point out murders that have been by Muslims when people in your religon have murdered themselves?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello Dear =)

    I have read the Q'uran, twice, actually.

    I have found nothing in it which pertains to true violence. In fact, the only time I saw anything which mentioned justification for fighting, was in response to people being repressed. -- as in that it was permissible to battle in order to free people from a tyrant.

    Which leads me to believe that most of the ill-will in the middle-east must be due to socio-economic factors, in truth, and is sometimes preached from the pulpits of evil men, in the name of Islam, for their own purposes, and not those of Islam.

    What those purposes can be, only Allah must know, because the end result is that it makes narrow minded Americans support terrible violence against Islamic countries. If that is the purpose of these evil men, then they are succeeding.

    We, both of us, need to concentrate on understanding one another much better, if we are to achieve peace in our time. Your question was one of very few which was of peaceful nature, and did not insult non-Muslims, and for that, I thank you. You have earned much merit by phrasing it in that way.

    We can understand each other, but the amount of work necessary is great. It is much better than killing hundreds of thousands of people in "insurgent" countries, however, and spending hundreds of billions of dollars to decimate other cultures.

    Namaste, and Happy Holidays,


  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, I don't know much about the Qua ran but I have been on a site ( I can't remember the name) and it was extremely informative in a positive way and I have got to know many Muslim women as customers (believe me if anyone is going to be rude that is when) and worked with a couple of Muslim males all are polite, courteous and quietly spoken. It is unfortunate that in the short time I have been on this site to read such rude, uninformed and down right insulting comments written by so many so called protectors of freedom. From the sight I mentioned previously it also explains the religious reason for the ha-jib and why it is worn, perhaps in the interest of good MANNERS and respect for others many of these people should learn to read about what they are arguing against BEFORE they spew their personal thoughts. You have asked a very intelligent question and pointed out some good FACTS.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes... I am an American woman and formerly a Chrisian leader. I have researched the Qur'an and decided to adopt the faith. Now a new Muslim. ALHAMDULELAH!

    It is sad that many see Islam only through the media and the 9/11 attacks. Just as many Muslims only see Christians through the war crimes that some USA military have commited

    I'm sure Americans are appalled, as I am, at the military men that raped and murdered a teen girl and her family or the many Muslim men held in military prisons and forced to pose for sexual photos. This is all some of the Muslim countries see of Americans or Christianity.

    There is misinformation on both sides. It is a very sad that our world of technology (internet/television/media) can be used to twist and distort and create hatred among people. It serves only to instill anger and a perceived need for revenge and unfortunately, revenge begets revenge. It never stops.

    As for the hijab (head covering). It is an optional religious garment. I choose to wear it and feel very comfortable doing so. No one forces me (and I live in Egypt now). It is a choice. Many Muslim women do not.

    There are tribes in Africa where women are topless and I'm sure they can't understand why many people in the world feel it is necessary to cover a woman's breasts. It must seem that those societies that feel it's necessary to be "modest" in covering the breast feel the same as Americans about the hijab.

    It's all about culture and norms and ignorance and knowldedge.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and tolerant nature. If more were like you, we'd not have these issues in the world today.

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Eid. Asalam alaikum wa arakmatuAllah wa barakatu.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have wonderful Muslim friends who shared with me some facts represented in the Koran, for instance, the 7 levels of Heaven an Hell, the law about drinking alcohol, about Muslim men marring non-Muslim women and so on. I don't use the Internet because there are many false facts presented.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have studied the qu'ran with specific emphasis on the Jihad section. You are wrong. It is written that a Jihad warrior who has fallen in battle will immediately go to Paradise where 72 virgins with full bosoms and beautiful bodies will be waiting for him. This isn't imaginary, but directly from the qu'ran. It also tells of the disassociation of Muslims from Christians and Jews because they will become contaminated by these people. Jihad section also talks about cutting off heads (necks) and fingers. Read your qu'ran and you will see that I am correct. The first portion of the Jihad is not entirely bloodthirsty; however, as the text continues it gets more violent. All in all the qu'ran is a good book with many good things to say about females and people in general, however, the part about Jihad could have been dispensed with.

    Source(s): my source is the actual qu'ran and several interpretive books by Muslims on its meaning.
  • 1 decade ago

    If you believe that the cross section of the planet, or even America, is represented by Yahoo Answers, then that is the problem. All one needs to do is to surf around either the questions or the answers in this forum in order to figure this out. Don't use Yahoo Answers for anything serious or you will come to the conclusion that the world is ignorant. I thought they were promised 7 virgins by the way - for 72 I might even blow something up (that was a joke).

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    This is a good question. Answers are- 1- Jesus was a born Prophet. As soon as he was born he talked from Cradle and only Holy Qur-an explains this incident. 2- No. He was never killed..In Qur-an very clearly Allah explains this incident that the enemies made a very big plot t kill him and Allah made a bigger plot to save him and he was lifted alive.. In his place some body else was crucified and it could be Judas as Allah changed his face identical to Jesus just before they caught him and even in Bible it explains that there was only one person( there should have been two if Jesus was available there). in hiding place and his body stricture was different from Jesus though face resembled and there was ho arguments about this among enemies before he was caught. 3- Jesus will return as follower of Prophet Muhammad and he will Rule the world for 40 years as a Muslim. Ruler. 4- There are many verses about Jesus and this incidents. More than Verses there are two chapters in Quran which is related to Jesus. One Ale Imran. ( Father of Mary was Imran and its title is Imran's Family and another Surah Mariyam as title. . But no any surah about family of Prophet Muhammad was seen.. So Qur-an gives such an importance to Jesus and his family.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have read the Quran. I admit that it's good, but I think most of Muslims do not represent Islam or fallow everything in the Quran. And I think that no one should condemn Muslim women for wearing hijab, it's what they believe and they are comfortable with it. No one can condemn anyone for choosing any religion they like as long as they are NOT hurting other people because of their believes.

  • 1 decade ago

    For the most part, I do not want to know about Muslims. They are a group of people that happen to have a different religious belief than I do. So do Baptist and Jews and other religions. We are all people in this small world that really need to just accept each others faith and live together peacefully. Why should I learn every type of religion in the world ? Who cares, just quit killing each other in the name of religion.

  • kanga
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Too true. What do I know first hand? Nothing.. My frame of reference is the media AND I know that's biased against Islam. It is the new "bogey' for politicians, the "Reds" are no longer under the bed so here is a convenient scapegoat and election winner. It is obvious that any decent human being is not going to support terrorists, but all Muslims are unfortunately being "tarred" by these animals.

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