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my cheating ex just called to wish me and my kids merry christmas and he loved us!?

What should i do?


kyle if u ask me u are the scorned b-tch F--- OFF

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    He's playing mind games. The holidays are a magical time for losers who realize they've been screwing people over all year and for a split second, they feel bad about it. Tell him "the same to you" and hang up. Don't fall for his crap!

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    Merry Christmas.

    Then i think you are still in his heart. If you separated because he cheated on you and if he is not with anyone else give him the chance to return.

    Remember, we are human beings, no one is perfect, we do mistakes which sometimes brings us to realize things better.

    Let the spirit of Christmas bring you back together again if you still care for him.

    He may be lonely and missing you.

    If you cant and any of you is seeing someone else, then accept it as a good gesture and be a good friends with him. He is the father of your child and i believe he can always be a good support for you in difficult moments.

    Best Wishes

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    Feeling his guilty conscience I bet. Maybe even hitting the holiday egg nog.

    For Christmas sake just be civil and let him talk to the kids. Remember though why he's your ex. No need to return any gushing emotional testimonials.

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    Cheaters have a funny defination of love, they can be very cunning and charming. You should have asked what his defination of love was?

    Yes, they sure can manipulate and get around certain women. I guess you don't what you have until you lost it all, maybe he has not found the women of his dreams yet.

    Think head not heart, I realize you can't hold a grudge. Do you want to go through betrayal again?

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  • Tim D
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    Tell him Merry Christmas and let it go period. Today is not the day to stew about such things. Today is about your children be strong for them. Have fun with them. Be merry with them. Then tomorrow if you really want talk to him. But don't let it hurt your children.

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    Easy there Cornfed, you need to ignore Kyle.

    As for your ex, you should say Merry Christmas back.

    Just because he cheated on you doesn't mean he doesn' love you. And just because he loves you doesn't mean you should be with him.

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    Just say Merry Christmas Back at him. NO need to acknowledge his love statment. Just ignore that part.

    If he is going to change his ways, he will have to prove it to you.

    We all love somoone that we can't be with.

  • Smriti
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    Wish him 'Merry Christmas' too but that you don't share his sentiments about love but he knows why.

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    tell him the kids love him sure they do.....then forget it.....the heart is normally more mushy around this time of year but he cheated and he is your move on and have a great new year with a fresh start and a bright future.....

  • Anonymous
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    well just call him and say thank you and why didn't you think about you loved us when you was out cheating. maybe that would have made him not have cheated if he would have thought about his family

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