Can someone please help me with my Ipod? ...please...?

I got an Ipod Video today for Christmas, and I've been getting songs from LimeWire [coz its free] and dragging it onto the iTunes Library [most people i know do this, and it works for them]

ive got all my songs i wanted, but i dont know how to actually get it into my ipod.

someone told me to go press UPDATE IPOD, but it isnt even clickable.. well it wont let ME click on it.

can someone please help me and tell me the proper steps to doing this... in this way without paying on iTunes, instead using LimeWire.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you have all of your music in iTunes, hook up your iPod to your pc & iTunes will do it for you (assuming you've downloaded everything off the boot cd rom).

    If you've set iTunes to manually update try changing this to automatic (or vice versa)... just remember do not disconnect your iPod until it gives you the go ahead.

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