wats the big deal about east coast/ west coast beef? y dont bloods and crips get along? do u kno?

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    because their human they let their emotions get the best of them such as pride ego jealousy envy and most of all respect. everybody wanna be the most respected the most feared the most powerful whether it be gang bangin or rappin it dont matter anyone can take someones life to achieve this status like you say crips and bloods many people lost their loves because these gangs wanted to achieve infamy and with infamy brings fear and with fear brings respect. hip hop lost the 2 greatest rappers (pac & big) in many opinions due to jealousy and envy who knows im just glad all this sh!t is over we need to stop killin each other and do right by our responsibilities. these are one of the many bad things that put us blacks in a bad light. but i have confidence that my people will rise and progress in the future so everyone can see beyond the stereotypes.

    Source(s): because i lived it saw it breathed it and survived it.
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    West Coast

  • 1 decade ago

    just ask you're self why do cats and dogs fight?

  • 1 decade ago

    That one is EASY!! They're all SHMUCKS!!!

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