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Do car dealerships have a set/legal amount of time to get your registration to you?

I purchased a vehicle at a Nissan dealership in Florida. A month later I still have no received my registration. I called, and apparently they messed up and needed more money to get it done. $200 to be exact. Annoyed, but I sent it in. 3 weeks later still no registration. I think at this point my temp tag expired and I'm driving an unregistered vehicle. they said "everything will be ok"...but tell that to the cop when I get pulled over for an unregistered car. What can I do? And if there is a law saying they have to get it out in a certain amount of time would you happen to know where I can find it? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In most states, the temporary paper plate is good for 30 days, and can not be renewed. Their "Everything will be okay" won't fly when you are getting the ticket for driving the unregistered vehicle and I am hooking up to your vehicle to take it to the impound lot with a hold on it for taxes due the state. Go there, tell them to either give you your plate, now, or refund the money and take back the car. Mention reporting them to the Florida attorney generals office if you have to.

  • 1 decade ago

    They most certainly do!! The state allows them to give you ONE temporary tag that allows them the time to get your permanent tags. They can NOT re-issue another one. However long that original temporary tag is good for is, is the amount of time they have. If you drive on an expired temporary you can get a ticket and your car can be impounded for driving with an expired registration. Get back to that dealership and raise some trouble. Tell them you want a rental car free of charge until you get your permanent registration! Threaten to call the authorities, report them to the DMV and Nissan. They will probably back down and give you a car to drive, no charge until they complete your paperwork. Make sure you tell them you want an itemized list of what the motor vehicle charges were to verify the extra 200.00. They can get in a great deal of trouble for overcharging you for the tags. The state, and federal authorities will get involved with that one!! It is illegal to overcharge you for motor vehicle charges. If they don't back down, carry through with your threats. But they probably will meet your demands because they know they can get into a lot of trouble, lose the priveledge of issuing temporary tags, and Nissan could also do something, like heavy fines etc. And they don't want that, and with car sales down, they want to keep the customers they have!

    You can go to your states website and find out a great deal of information, or you can call your state and get the information you are looking for.

    Good luck, be firm and demanding, and don't back down.

    Source(s): Former DMV worker and dealership employee, as well as car manufacturer employee.
  • 1 decade ago

    Take the vehicle back to the dealer immediately and DEMAND:

    1. Your $200.00 back. That was extortion, pure and simple.

    2. A valid registration or ALL of your money back IMMEDIATELY.

    If they fail to deliver immediately, call the police and the DMV. From the dealership. And call the Nissan zone office while you're at it. Then call the local TV stations and newspapers. Then warn every other customer in the place about the dealer's fraudulent practices. Get a circus going. They'll fix it FAST.

    Source(s): Did that at a Ford dealer in So Cal about 23 years ago. All was fixed in about 4 hours.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. you got dupped by the oldest scam in the biz. the wait and let them sweat for a bit and get more cash. most likely this is what happened even though it was only $200, normally its like $1000.

    2. if your temp tag has expired go back to the dealership and make them re-issue you another one. it is their fault for not having the title done and processed. getting a title done does take a few weeks. busy city can take up to 4 weeks at times and it depends on where the car came from (used) and how long it took that previous owner to get the title in.

    you have the signed and agreed to a not give them a penny more and make them (nice like) get you another temp tag so you are safe.

    Source(s): guy who works around dealers but not for them (wipes brow)
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  • jerry
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    1 decade ago

    i think they wanted more money,,they cheated you,,talk to your lawyer

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