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My dog humps her bed!!?

this is so depressing. i always wanted one of those pink Barbie brand dog beds. I finally saw it on sale at Petco and brought it home for my rat terrier puppy. She would sleep in it all the time. Once she got a little bit older, she started humping it. Now we have to take it away from her because she humps it pretty damn furiously. it pisses me off because she won't listen when we tell her to stop. i don't even want to touch it because she's rubbed her stank all over it. i know it's probably dominance (she also does this to our female cat) but i also think it's a form of masturbation.??? she also will grab onto my leg (not touching me) and just hump air. why is she doing this and how do i get her to stop humping that damn bed?!?

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    You need to have him neutered sweetie. my dog does that too, but i never neutered him i just keep telling NO to him when i catch him do it,and be consistent when you tell him no.

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    Ok, settle down, you are over reacting!

    Is there any reason why you have decided not to de-sex your dog?

    Humping things like beds can be because of all sorts of reasons, but it is not dominance....that's quite funny that you think your dog is trying to dominate its' bed LOL

    One thing you need to understand that humping is a brain reaction to a certain smell or a certain situation they don't actually have any control over it, it's like a mans' bits, they don't have any control over it, it's simply a reaction to a stimuli.

    What do you mean her stank? I think you need to grow up, you've come across sounding very inmature and uneducated on dog behaviour.

    It sounds like your dog is over-sexed and you need to get this dog de-sexed, you don't need to keep her entire.

  • CF_
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    I think your dog needs to be spayed.. your cat too...

    every heat cycle increases your pets chances of developing some cancers..

    otherwise you can get pills to end her behavior.. but pills are not the best answer

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    get over it...leave her and her bed alone...

    just remove your temping leg...

    exercise her more will help..

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