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turkey recipes?

Can I use aluminium foil to bake a turkey? So when it is cooked I can take it off to leave the turkey skin crispy and roasted?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yeah, you can. It'd probably be moister that way. Personally I use oven bags. It still browns but the inside is moister. I also cover it with kosher salt before hand for a better flavor. Let your meat set for about 10 mins. after done before cutting it as that gives it a chance to redistribute the juices making it moister as well. Btw this may seem a given but just in case make sure it's in a sturdy pot. Alot of times those disposeable ones break & you have a mess, not to mention possible burns.

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  • U sure can use Al. foil to bake a turkey . But from my experience, wn u cover a food in Al foil, it usually doesnt become crisp ----probably due to steam trapped in the foil ----.So to have a crispy skin, u will have to remove the foil & then continue roasting.

    Go to Google and type --- receipes turkey --- & u shall get numerous receipes there.

    Happy cooking.

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