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Why do you go to church....?

Ok. Why do Christians preach more about gay being a sin and refuse to allow gays in because they are sinning when in all reality the bible touches little on being gay and more on lying, lusting, murdering, adultery and all that mess (the majority of church goers perform more of those sins). Why are the gays outed? I think people just fear what they dont understand. All sins are forgiveable, so why do people point fingers just at the gays. Why are they so easy to forgive their child molesting pastor, than a gay person?

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    it's always easier to point fingers at another group than look into yoruself

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Even I believe in God, I don't go to the church. I am a Christian and I stopped going to church. I found out that I can be close to God with out going to church.

    To me church is a place where you can show others that you are holier and better. Church basically is a place where envy, jealousy and hatred rooted. Only Christians say that church is a house of God. But to me besides that, church is also a house of evils. People are people, with all their flaws and imperfections. Church will never change someone to become holy like a saint or angle. Church never accept gay because they demand perfections inside. You are not allowed to make mistakes or to be imperfect at all. If you do so, then you'd considered as a sinner and you have to be purged. Gay to church is a symbol of imperfection, while church demands perfections from a perfect family; father-mother-children-bible. Typical. So how can church accept gay & lesbian inside while gay & lesbian is about man & man - woman & woman only?

    Church have a stereotypical idea of what is an ideal utopia should be. To church ideally a man should be with a woman not with other men. So, church will never accept gay no matter what and this is a sad fact of life we have to accept. When you are a gay or a lesbian or anything that is not fulfilled the picture perfect of an ideal utopia, church will consider you as a deadly sinner or a venomous freak or someone to be feared....then at the end they will estrange and alienate you, that's for sure. I know that. I experienced that before. Church is always obsessed with the ideal and typical concept of right or wrong in this life. To me there is not such thing like right or wrong, good or bad... it's the thinking makes it so. True.

    This is very true fact of life. But I believe that God loves not only straight people, God loves everyone. God is like a good doctor. A good doctor is not looking for the healthy ones since he cannot cure anything from them, but a good doctor looks for the sick ones, so he can cure them and heal them. God always understands gay and lesbian's soul. Church will never understand the soul of the imperfect ones. Gay and lesbian need no lecture about bible whatsoever. Gay and lesbian need an understanding for their soul. The understanding for the soul....


    Source(s): Had so many so-called so religious American Christian friends before, who are completely obsessed with the perfections of their life; go to the bible study and when I didn't go to the church they will ask me why and try to pull me to the church with them it's like when you are not going to the church then you will be doomed, make a bible study group, go to the church every single Sunday, discuss things from the bible which I was completely clueless what it was everytime my turn to say something about one chapter in the bible, while they all seemed so religious and god-like by saying so many impressive things from the bible things. They seemed to ignore and snub me after I can't say something impressive about one chapter from the bible. I felt completely an outcast among them. I feel truly alienated among them and they didn't strive or at least take a little effort or attempt to understand my soul at all... My life is already not perfect since the day one. And i realized that churches, pastors cannot make me feel better. I've been to so many different kind of churches before. Met so many religious people before. Read the bible over and over again. But instead of being happy, I was so depress, miserable, alienated, limited and sad until instead, I was angry all the time and more infuriated by it... I feel like those religious things really cannot understand my soul at all. I want my soul to be understood. And from this point I realized that church -whatever it is- can not make you happy.
  • 1 decade ago

    As a christian myself I definetly think it is wrong for gay people to be excluded from the church. If you are wanting to go to church I would check out a united church which actually has female lesbian pastors. They are very open minded and won't treat you disrespectfully.

    I don't believe christians should judge since it's really up to God. And yes, all sins are forgiveable through Jesus. I agree, alot of christians who go to church on sunday, and look great in their sunday best, aren't neccessarily like that throughout the week. But no one is perfect! And no one can say that God doesn't love you because of your life style.

    I hope that you don't think all christians are narrow minded and prideful.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I Iam a Christian and I stoped going to church. I found out that I can be close to god with out going to church. Your right some people in the church commit sins that are unthinkable. Like murder and touching kids in a sexual way. However people are dumb. So if your gay remember you can be a Christian without going to Church. Some day people will see things clearly. I am not a gay person but I do agree with what your saying.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Religions are made up of people that seem to pick and choose what part of their religious teachings to which they want to adhere. The Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins and that he forgave all those that nailed him to the cross but they are unwilling to forgive anyone that they feel is a threat to them or their beliefs. They are hypocrites one and all. They quickly point out some verse of the Bible as the reason they must not forgive gays but another verse will instruct them to forgive all. So Jimmy Swaggart can have relations with a hooker and be forgiven but two gay people in love are damned to hell, because of an interpretation of some obscure Biblical verse. Like their defense of the "Institution of marriage"...can't have gay people married to each other however the divorce rate in this country is over 50% and right now the number of UNMARRIED households outnumber the married ones. But by God we must defend marriage and can't have two loving gay people together!!! Christians are and all. (FYI>>>Atheist and proud of it!!!)

  • 1 decade ago

    The Metro Community Church's are not only open to GLBT and anyone else, but their ministry is our community. I am not a christian, but my partner is, born again evangelical and she found church home where she could live her religion and live her life. I go once in a while because I love her, and it brings her great joy to have the love of her life sitting next to her, holding her hand openly and holding her close.

    I suggest strongly, if you are a christian of any denomination, and you feel that your church "loves the sinner hates the sin", which in my opinion is simply just bs, or you simply want to worship your faith with your family open, honest and loving, then seek out MCC Church's. They are all over the country, just google.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not big on the whole gay issue , but i was a Sunday school teacher for alot of years now I don't practice traditional Christian beliefs, but I do think its because Christians are worried about sanctity . they want to be completely right in everything. Yes God is Love but Homosexuality portrays something that is not correct in that walk. I am not saying it's okay but it seems easy. I know now a days it's the new prejudice but to love and be in love with the opposite sex is beneficial and fully worth it. I think any one can display homosexual tendencies but with all the girls gone wild and the porno actors posing anyone can say it. First and for most your belief in God is yours. remember no sin is greater than the other.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't go to church because of the exact issues you brought up.

    I have had "intimate GAY relations" with two priests, christian summer camp counselors, 2 different married Youth Group leaders and three married pastors... (over the course of 30 years, beginning when I was about 11 years old, all from different churches).

    Today, I would not enter a church to even attend a wedding or a funeral.

    There is nothing there for me, unless I want to hook-up for some quicky sex with some uptight, closet case, "moral leader". (for money).

    What finger pointing, judgemental, lying, misguided hypocrites they are.

    Gay Athiest and never looking back....

  • 1 decade ago

    I hate how they act like being gay is the biggest sin in the world. I was at church and we had a guest minister who was talking about homosexuality like you can get rid of it. Personally I felt that he shouldn't be preaching on something he knew nothing about because being homosexual isn't like having a common cold.

  • 1 decade ago

    I do go to church, but my church affirms gays and hetros alike.

    I think recent outing of conservative church leaders has proved that a lot of gay people are in churches right now. They are just so afraid for anyone to find out that they risk hiring call boys and dosing their pain with illegal drugs.

    People cannot decide who God listens to. If you want a personal experience with the Higher Power, then have it. I just can't imagine there is not anything you can say that He hasn't already heard.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well...I to agree that most ppl who are religious (not just Christians, all religions) are completely hypocritical. But in this case I wouldnt say that anyone would forgive a child molesting pastor faster than a gay person. I for one do not believe in gay marriage and all that good stuff. Ppl can do what they want to do and its no business of mine but keep it to themselves and inside of their own home. Im more opposed to a rapist, murderer, child molesting pastor than I am a gay, but I also hate how gays claim all kinds of bs just so ppl will feel bad for them. I was born this way...I didnt choose to be gay....blah blah blah...bullsh*t...i chose to be straight, I chose that I do not like guys and I like girls, man up about it and say yes I like guys b/c I choose to, Id have alot more respect for them. Or when a fag gets mad b/c he is called a is it derogatory if it is true? The truth is not an insult. "To say a dead man is dead is no insult" - Odysseus. Most claim they'd rather keep it to themselves and dont want to bring attention to themselves but yet they have "gay parades". When is the last time youve seen a "straight parade"??? Jw...

    Anyways I do not go to church, mainly b/c I dont believe in the same beliefs as them but alot of it has to do with how many hypocrits are involved. I would venture to say that 75% of ppl that claim they are religious are completely full of sh*t.

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