Why do people try to be so good to Christians ? If we do not show their mistakes who else would help them ?

They even celebrate a holiday that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ! Is called Christmas, yet. It is really a pagan Holiday. Jesus was not born in Dec 25th and he was not born on teh year 0 AD. So what are they really celebrating?

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  • jujube
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    Hmm, I believe the Bible talks about believers being accountable to each other, so it's always in the best interest of the believer to graciously and thoughtfully consider and accept any comments made about their mistakes.

    Yes, the actual roots of the December 25th date are hugely pagan and Jesus would not have been born on a date that would be permanent on our current calendar. He would have been born in the springtime, but just like all other Jewish holidays, the actual date would fluctuate. And, no, He wasn't born in 0 AD, that would be when He died.

    We happen to be celebrating a chance to commemorate the birth of someone who has, for all intents and purposes, changed the world and many lives, including my own.

    Source(s): 20-some years of knowledge and experience.
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    Who cares if Christmas is pagen or Christian? Who cares why or how the holiday started and why? Just rejoice in the fact that it is. How can December be the coldest month of the year but still feel like the warmest? you do not have to be a Christian to realize that people change at this time of year and the change is for the better. Most charities receive their money at this time of year. Most friends and families get to see each other at this time of year. most of the year a stranger will not even acknowledge you as you pass them on the street, but in December they smile and wish you a Merry Christmas. My only complaint about Christmas is the fact it only lasts for a month and is not enjoyed year round. Merry Christmas everybody and I hope the new year finds y'all in good health and good spirits =)

  • Anonymous
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    Get over it already!!! What is it with people these days??? Why do you keep going off on the fact that Christ was not born in December. NO SH!T!

    It was Constatine who told the Christians that if they were going to celebrate the birth of Christ they must do it at the same time Pegans were celebrating Winter Solstace. Therefore, we celebrate Christmas in December. GET OVER IT!!!

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    Christians are too many .The answer to this is just an answer.Not all Christian celebrate Christmas.Some of them do have others reasons.The teaching of Christ is most important but how many of them really learn and understand.What is the point of questioning and answer that do not really affect our future life and death?Where will you be going if you die?Can i firmly know where my next destination or must i bet on it ?Can i really go to Heaven? Is Hell await for me?

    Source(s): X -Christian .Please spent more time on the teaching of Christ. Thank you.
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    To be honest, there is a problem in trying to apply logic to religion. For one thing, religion attempts to do away with logic because that would mean that such problems addressed could not be explained away by faith. Never mind the fact that Jesus' use of parables indicates a fair amount of rational behind his teachings.

    Secondly, or so the circular logic goes, one cannot illustrate the mistakes of Christianity except another Christian, who, by their very acceptance of the same principals, is like getting one fox to condemn another fox for raiding the henhouse. Because Christians do not accept the fact that they, or the church, can make mistakes (personal mistakes, yes; doctrinal mistakes, no) any error pointed out is quickly condemned as being due to a 'lack of faith.'

    In actuality, the contradictions (or mistakes) encourage faith in the adherents for only through 'faith' can such contradictions not only be resolved, but accepted and promoted. It does not matter that it is ok to promote the love of God (so long as you believe as we do) and the love of Jesus Christ (until judgement day) and say 'forgive your brother 7x70 times' and then turn around and say 'all sinners will spend eternity in hell.' For the believers and converts, they are never the Pharisees or the Rabbis; they are the repenetents and the samaritans.

  • Deena
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    Merry Christ mass. People celebrate Christmas in many different ways.Catholics and Christians celebrate the incarnation of Jesus.

    In the Beginning was the word,

    The word was with God and the word was God.

    The Word Became Flesh and dwelt among us.


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    Unfortunately, for most Christians or Christianity at large are in fact in denial about the dark side of their history. I've done exstensive in depth research over many years. Here is an example; Jesus: His religion, or the religion about him. The Original vs. The Conceptual. As far as I am concerned, the putting of "words'' into the Master's mouth is the greatest heresy ever known to the common man and God. Mans opinion about who Jesus was and what Jesus said have been perpetually twisted so as to have scripture manipulated to excite a sense of anxiety and guilt over the ignorant believers. Keep in mind that part of the history in this continuing process of spreading the so-called 'WORD' has been a cause of the atrocities such as 'The Inquisition', which involved the genocide of many indiginous cultures. "The Cruades'' in which they killed thousands of Muslims and Jews, and the ruthless killing of tens of thousands of women in '"The Witchhunts in Europe, All this In The Name God"'.This what we call Christianity for mass consumerism by the use of force. The way it is used today is as superficial and cheap as it gets. There is nothing genuine about selling religion or trying to save someone. They are beating on a drum in search of a fugitive. '"Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching as to War''. Some of these Fundamentalists will either outright damn you or more insideously damn you with faint praise, which is dreadfully insincere. Bless their souls for they not know what they do. This area of Christianity that I am talking about is, of course, the far right winged, ultra conservative, evangelical fundamentalists. Some of these people are extremely volital and potentially a danger to themselves and the community. Unfortunately some of these poor souls are beyond repair. If anyone should be "saved" It is these people. They are the ones living in Hell because Hell is what they make of it. They are separate from God. Therefore they live in fear and hate of the so called '"other" They are responsible for creating their own images of demons and evil. They are totally and completely oblivious. This is why some people kill in the name of God. They are stuck on the literal image(s) of what is portrayed in the Bible. And they Believe (wish) that it is the word of God. Beware of virtue, because the right means get used in the wrong way. This is the mindset of a Literalist (fundamentalist) Christian. Bless these souls for they not know what they do. Bless them. For I hope and pray these individuals will find the cause of their ignorance. Peace Out. And Happy Holidays.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Every ones path is their own. Let them follow it in peace. Picking on any group only leads to retaliation and so on. If everyone let others follow their path without condescension then this world would be a better place and maybe we all would learn something. Yes, I know that won't happen, but it is a Holiday of peace and i can dream.

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    you are a very sad person..

    I hope this Christmas, someone will give you a heart to feel..

    and a mirror to reflect on your life instead of bringing judgment to others.

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    actually the christmas part is christian, the time of year its celebrated is not, lol i cant imagine shephards in the fields at night in freakin December.

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