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doesnt sleep in his little house?

ok, i got this hamster boy. he doesnt sleep in his little house now. what will i do?? what is the problem?? :( thanks. happy xmas!!

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    Hamsters are burrowing mammals native to Europe and northern Eurasia (dwarfs in Asia as well). They like to hide and prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces for protection, unless the enclosed space is their chosen "toilet." If the hamster has never slept in a house in this environment, or the house gets moved a lot, it may just be being cautious. Slowly place the house over the hamster, or gently put him inside it so that he has no choice, but to experience it. Most of the times this will get the hamster in and convince them that it is a safe place. Otherwise, put a small treat in there, he should go in and get it when he feels comfortable to do so.

    Source(s): I raise small animals, and have bred hamsters.
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    its ok maybe he feels comfy out side if its not cold in the room you but him in he may feel like sleeping out doors

    maybe his camping out.

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    feed him in his house

    put his fav toy in his house put his water in his house

    idk hope that helped

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    it prob just likes ur home and in the open.its curious

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