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how was your christmas eve??

Mine was a big blurr......we shopped our butts off for my relatives but they hardly gave my family any gifts(witch was disappointing)then my brother drank and mom didn't want him to drive us home .so i saw relatives around gossiping about it.i bet when we leave they were talking about us :(


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    mine was really great . thanks .

  • 1 decade ago

    I spent the entire night alone. I couldn't sleep and haven't slept much in a few nights so I am back up and gave in to the non-sleeping thing.

    I know the feeling w/the relative thing.

    Have a great day.

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    Mine was okay. Decorated the house, spent my night on the internet. And now I gotta clean up my room, cause every thing's a mess... on the first day of Christmas! Can you imagine that???

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  • 1 decade ago

    My family celebrates Christmas Eve, so we had a huge dinner and everything. I passed out presents and took pictures all day. It was fun. My son flew in from London, so that was the highlight of the day. I was glad to have him and his family with me.

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    I got drunk and beat up my dad, my mom was crying , then i threw up on the dinner table, then my sister was making out with my brother and the cops showed up because of the music being to loud, and i got busted for weed. Then we ran out of booze so I went to the other end of the trailer park and partied with friendz, we made a home made porno. I had the best x-mas ever

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    It s boring because i looking for a girlfriend for christmas my brother went to atlanta and i by myself. I dont think i going out for christmas tomorrow. can you be my friend i don t know if you live in brooklyn. you could e mail at kkeld@hotmail.com

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    Wow, you all make my life seem unshakebly normal. My little one and I baked and decorated Christmas cookies for Santa and wrapped some presents.

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    well, it's 1:30am and I am just finishing watching "its a wonderful life", and then it will be off to bed for me. Overall, it hasnt been a bad christmas eve at all

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    Mine was okay, I cut for a little bit.

    Answered & Asked Questions.

    Ate with my friends.

    Shopped with my sister.

    Received a portion of my gifts.

    Cut a little bit more.

    Answering Questions.

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    Good. I ended up crying and drinking alone in my room. I eventually feel asleep.

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