I cannot sleep and I have been told to drink warm milk. Can it be chocolate milk?

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    its not like it has a lot of caffiene, and its not gonna buzz you the second it hits your tongue, so just go for it. the reason you drink that is just cuz its soothing and supposed to calm u down and get comfortable for sleep. Just drink whatever makes you feel comfy.

  • Karen
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    Hot milk, maybe peppermint tea or other things you find soothing. Hot milk may have some scientific basis because Adelle Davis called calcium tablets "lullaby pills." Aside from those, in the future keep a regular schedule & don't watch TV or do any paperwork in the bedroom. Avoid coffee, of course, especially after noon. Maybe just drink decaffeinated coffee or herb tea like peppermint. That's what I had to do. Have decaffeinated coffee with hot milk, even in the morning, & just hot milk in at night. Other times: herb tea like peppermint or maybe ginger. Good luck! I hate that when thoughts are racing. Sometimes it's a matter of patience & lying there until I fall asleep. Also, if you wake up in the middle of the night, don't stay awake long enough for the body temp to cool off. If you're really too warm, which may have wakened you, remove socks, extra blanket, as needed, but quickly. Use the bathroom, if that's why you wakened, & have a sip of water if necessary, then back to bed as quickly as possibly. Get a refillable water bottle, put a straw in it, & keep it on the night stand to avoid a trip to the kitchen, which could bring you fully awake again. The closer you stay to sleep in temp, brain waves, etc., the easier it'll be to return to sleep without losing an hour or more of sleep.

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    Try to stay away from Chocolate Milk before bed. Not only does it have caffine but it may contain sugar. I recommend tea. Chamomile is natural (a flower) and has a very calming effect. There is a tea called "sleepy time" and it does the trick! Also, try a little aroma therapy with calming ingredients like vanilla or lavender. Good luck and sweet dreams.

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    Yes, Its better than nothing. But I recommend you drink Warm milk without any flavor.

    Chocolate has warm effects and can keep you awake.

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    Probably not because of the caffeine chocolate has. However, if you are not sensitive to caffeine, it probably won't hurt that much if at all. If warm milk is a turn off to you, just drink cold milk (heck, in just a few minutes it'll be warm anyhow). It's the calcium in milk that helps you sleep. (And that is a safer way to get calcium than through supplements.)

    Click on my avatar. See my answers (dozens of times) to past questions on insomnia.

    Summary: It appears you have food (and food-ingredient) sensitivity. I am hyper sensitive to monosodium glutamate (msg), sodium phosphates, calcium disodium edta, disodium edta, soy (in all its forms except the oil extracted from it). Also, don't take any dietary supplements late in the day. Delayed sleep is the result (as though one drank a pot of coffee right at bedtime).

    You may be sensitive to fluoride (in toothpaste), in which case at night just brush using a bit of bicarbonate of soda.

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    Don't use chocolate milk, because the caffeine will make you sleeplessness worse.

    If you need to add something, use anise. It's delicious. Sugar is Ok anytime.

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    Yes it can be. ppl say choclate will keep you up b/c of caffine but it also releases endorphins which will help put you at ease. Endorphins are the same things that are released after sex and sex is a great sleep aid.

  • 1 decade ago

    You shouldn't.

    Chocolate has caffine which is a stimulate and will tend to keep you awake.

    Not as bad as drinking coffee but still not relaxing

  • Anonymous
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    sleep tips for you:

    Tips to Sleep Well


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nope. Chocolate has caffein in it.

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