Did I save Christmas or just did some pointless shopping? Is this too strange?

I found out on Christmas eve that my dad decided not to buy any presents for anybody and hand out money to the youngest of us instead... I almost get a seisure from what lame his idea was!

So I rushed to a tiny market and bought, with my own money, some presents for each of the members of the family. Nothing too expensive... but I did end up spending quite a lot of money with all things.

But, thanks to me, our family members also received presents, instead of them only giving presents to us.

Is it too strange for your parents to just stop buying Christmas presents when you and your relatives are past 15 (18 in my case)?

Did I make a big deal about this by spending all of my savings? Or did I save Christmas by not allowing it to become present-less from our side of the family?

Giving out money, and only to the younguest ones!, is SO lame....


I believe buying presents, provided that you have the money, does show that you care enough about other people to actually spend time in looking for things they like... instead of just handing out money.

I don't think Christmas is all about the presents... but a well chosen present *is* a symbol of love!

Thanks for your answers, though.

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    There are a lot of things that go on in the lives of adults. Complicated things that you may not understand. Your dad sounds like he could be suffering from depression or is trying to hide sonmething financial from you. You are old enough to approach him and ask him if he is okay. Try to not think of yourself right now and think of him as a person, not your dad, and see if you can help. It is strange, I know, but you are old enough.

    Yes, I do believe that you did save Christmas, and one day I hope he thanks you for that. It was self-less and charitable for you to do that. Quick thinking, too. You are going to be a good responsible adult. You did a good thing. Try not to feel too much resentment about the money. He gave you much in the past.

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    Many families choose to buy gifts only for the little children. Usually 12 and under.

    There can be several reasons. Money is always one. Teaching kids the meanings behind the season besides gifts is always a big one. But there are lots of people who don't find Christmas fun and simply wish it would be over and real life would take over. Whatever the reason, I think you were wrong to decide on your own that your dad made a poor choice and then to "Fix" things. It may have been very important to him that no gifts be given from him.

    The season is not about money and gifts but you just made it ALL about that. I think you should re-think your actions and the reasons behind it.

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    Your father may be part of what the term "old school" used to mean.

    He may have been raised (by your grandfather) to believe that one should earn their own way by the time they reach a certain age, or he may believe that Christmas is for kids and once older no longer need gifts.

    As far as just giving money, many men of that time period HATE SHOPPING and consider it really womans work. He may have just seen it as the easy way out.

    Now that you are 18, you are old enough to talk to your parents as an adult. Ask him (in private) why and what his feelings are.

    You may find he has very good reasons for why he does what he does.

    And believe it or not, when you are 40 or so your 18 year old daughter will probably feel some of the things you do are SO lame.

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    No whats lame is you thinking Christmas is about giving/receiving presents. This is why I hate Christmas, ppl are to greedy and expect to always be given something. IMO gift giving should be done away altogether b/c all it does is promote dependency and helps spoil already spoiled kids. Its ridiculous. I mean you are 18, and you said everyone else is over 15...so what the hell are you so obsessed with presents for? Grow up. Being with those you love is far more important. Presents should be the last thing to worry about on Christmas yet its the only thing even pushed to worry about on Christmas...and what you just said reveals that.

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    Gifts are never MANDATORY that is why they are gifts. Your father probably had his reasons. If it made you happy to be generous then that is a good thing, but, if it breeds resentment in your heart then your gift giving was not done out of selfless love. You do not have to "save" Christmas. That sounds a bit like an over-inflated ego.

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    I think what you did was pretty awsome and i also belive in giving presants to younger children but spending your entire savingd was a bit tooooooo much. But you know it was Christmas and i think you did the right thing but talk to your dad about it. MERRY CHRISMAS!!!!!!!!!!

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    The whole stinking concept of Xmas sucks.....Give, Give, Get, Get, Spend, Spend is not Love...Thats just giving so you can get...Thats what destroyed Xmas......

    Everyone is worried about what will I get? What will I give? Will it be equal?? Will I give someone something and they wont give me anything......Lets ban the whole selfish greedy thing

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    u did the right thing..thts exactly wut i wud have done :)

    u saved xmas =)

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